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Wednesday January 16th 2019Tim Candler9


     John Walking Stewart, whose books and pamphlets were written back when printers replaced the s sound within a word with a double f, such as a tangerine beafft of the forrefft, not an easy read for the better speller but huge fun for those of us who find spelling a challenge, had a theory about Laplanders and the English. He thought them advanced and the reason he did so was because in both Laplanders and the English, subservience did not come eaffy. Well, Good Lord, one of the great minds is turning in his grave at the moment, crawling to get out and anxious to rewrite his Moral State of Nations, particular with reference to the English Speaking Peoples. 



     If I recall, his point was based upon his observation that the English Yeoman and the Laplander would look the Lord of the Manor straight in the eye when being addressed, whereas lesser language groups would bow their heads, kneel, cow-tow, do anything but look the Lord of the Manor or their cultural equivalent straight in the eye. Oddly, Walking Stewart, in one of his travels was accused of suborning blasphemy while visiting Boston Massachusetts  resulting in his having to quickly find passage back to the British Islands where soon enough he found himself in trouble with the secret agents of the authorities over his views on the English King George the fourth's choice of wife.

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