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Friday January 18th 2019Tim Candler9


     "It Was" is as much to do with "Now" as it is to do with something that might have happened yesterday or seven hundred years ago. To open a book written by someone with the name Penrose, your apprentice will have to either just pull himself together, grow up or whatever, or he must reappraise "It Was."  Maybe Penrose, the Keith Richards wanna be, when the flow of his passage through the world so upset the flow of my own passage through the world was merely going through some kind of horrible, reptilian creepy phase. And possibly that difficult phase was a necessary one for him to realize that unless he improved his social skills, his future would be pretty much doomed to psychologically damaging every third person he met until one day he met his superior in the area of total complete and utter toe curling ickiness, they probably formed a bond, lived happily ever after in glorious isolation, shunned by the rest of the species. It's also possible my own reactions were, still are... shall we say a tad on the extremist side.



     And in the grand scheme what does it really matter whether the current English Queen's oldest boy child has a thought or two around the poems of Leonard Cohen, it has nothing to do with urgings of a public relations firm desperately attempting to promote the idea that the titled are just ordinary people stuck in a carrousel of damn stupid outfits and Grouse hunting.  Yes Indeed, the Sages were quite correct, for us people the passage toward better meaning in our miserable lives is to move beyond "It Was." All of which is quite a relief because it means I can now hunt down a copy of Roger Penrose the Mathematician's Shadows of the Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness, without getting all bogged down, wheels spinning in a mire of what could be High Principle. Penrose's point, I have gleaned, is that when things get very small, down there where the elemental is, wave function collapses, which means you can have two states, both of which make sense and are possible in the mathematics that reach beyond algorithms. That doesn't happen up here were big stuff bumbles around in an orderly, plodding and predictable algorithmic manner. Penrose reckons that neurons, the brain part of living things, contain tiny, tiny tubes inside of which stuff is so small wave function collapses. Yes! we're talking Slope in a Random Place, all very exciting for some, not so for others, but all might agree it's rather sad, deranged possibly, to think I've been trying since 1994 to open Penrose the Mathematician's book.

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