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Wednesday January 23rd 2019Tim Candler9


     Nothing actually wrong with Bull Worship, but like anything when taken to extreme it becomes a tool of dreadfulness, brings out the worst in people and serves only to make some of us enjoin with the idea of A Rapture in the simple hope that the Great Oneness will proceed to gather up the faithful so that the rest of us can get on with our lives. The Cattle Tribes in their panoply of believes have a relationship with death that is well summed by the prayer "follow the Lead Bull into the night and return again as a child." It's a beautiful prayer to my mind, contains solace and peace, and it doesn't mean that I'm going to  start getting all worked up about a Golden Calf while Moses is having a word  or two with God on the top of Mount Sinai. At the same time I'd most certainly argue that forcing his people to burn their Golden Calf, scatter it on water and then drink the water was itself the product of a radical, dangerous, possibly unbalanced mind. At the time, the Golden Calf Apologists claimed they were rather hoping for a God that looked and behaved more like they did, someone who'd understand them, feel sorry for them, say things like "You can have as much vanilla ice cream as you want to." A more transactional God, who'd adhere to the "You pat my back, I'll pat yours here on earth" philosophy. And instead, it seemed to them, they were getting an incomprehensible, almost tyrannical, possibly crazy map reading god who only ever spoke to Moses.



     "What's this got to do with N Scale?" I hear the passionate plea for common sense. Well I have a little bag of glass marbles, they're just far too precious looking to become projectiles for a catapult used to discourage Raptor, Rabbit and Deer, and I was thinking of using them as a recurring symbol in the construction of Gormenghast. I've had visions of them on top of rectangular towers, in the walls of railway tunnels and stuff like that. It's been one of those Inchworm ideas, progressing across the blank spots, pausing but never quite stopping anywhere. Recently I find myself more drawn to the idea of a Golden Calf as a symbol of Gormenghast. A number of problems, no way have I the skill to carve little calves without ending up in a rubber room, and investing resources both financial and emotional in little plastic calves from an on line source, which can then be painted yellow, just doesn't sound like cricket to me. But, whichever way you look at it, you'd have to wonder what the Genuine Medieval Saint Winifred would think if she finds out that a bridge that takes a rail line directly into the heart of golden calf worshipping Gormenghast would think. My own opinion, there'd be fireworks and pretty damn sure Winifred would win, and there might even be a little scattering of ashes over water from her. She's a wonderful Saint and in the tradition of "keeping it in the family", her mother's brother was a Saint, a Bishop Bueno, a name English speakers translate to Bono. And everyone knows that Winifred translates to modern English as Pelosi. Yes indeed, something about genuine 7th Century Saints that put these modern namby-pampy saints to absolute shame.

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