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Thursday January 24th 2019Tim Candler9


     Have to think the Girl Cat, who is a Cat and does have short hair, would be mightily offended were she to discover that the veterinary professionals refer to her as Domestic Short Hair. Certainly offends me, lumping everyone together like that, and classic of the kind of one tracked algorithmic thinking that results in a hand puppet becoming commerce secretary. Nor was I going to get all worked up and ratty before lunch today, the weather was perfect for indoor activities, and I was going to remain calm, I wasn't going to risk aggravation by internet radio which seems to insist I have a fascination with adverts about country music and that odious collection of chirpy tragic cases that pass for country music musicians. But No!  None of that happened, by 9.30am I was doomed to a series of visceral reactions which frankly all started popping off with the discovery the Girl Cat had been referred to as Domestic Short Hair.



     A bold objective observer might have the temerity to open the possibility that I might have a bit of problem, and to soften the blow they'd suggest it was perfectly natural phenomenon found particularly in old white males so they might regularly get their chance to view death as a blessed release. Then they'd advance the theory that males are often inclined to value what might be called winning, which, because males can be a tad thick headed and simple minded, is usually reduced to a straight forward juxtaposition with losing, which is why we like top ten lists, have an unnatural capacity to remember cricket scoreboards and produce poets like Pindar. But for a considerable number of us boys, winning can become an end in itself, has less and less to do with achieving a useful or in any way symbiotic end, and more and more to do with an emotional addiction to the momentary release of simply winning, or at least being a member of the winning team. It's a theory that explains a lot, but in no way does it excuse a veterinary professional reducing the Girl Cat to Domestic Short Hair.

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