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Saturday January 26th 2019Tim Candler9


     It was George Sorel who amongst other things reckoned on the power of myth to control the excesses of the upper classes, and whatever you want to call them up there, the title upper class works well enough for me. Sorel's argument was that power fears one thing, and that one thing is confronting the inconvenience and costs of an opposite power. And he argued that the powerlessness of the masses had little more than a myth to keep their condition, hopes, needs and dreams within the consciousness of the upper classes, otherwise the bubble within which the upper classes dwell develops very false assumptions, that get falser with time. In the past day or so many of those false assumptions have been revealed, a commerce secretary, assorted relatives of the straw man, a bunch of others. The question for Sorel was what kind of myth might preserve a more constructive relationship between the upper classes and the rest of us.  



      Had the shutdown continued the many in our number who are unable to feed their children without assistance from the state would have gone hungry. This didn't seem to matter to the upper classes and their pundits because they have grown accustomed to observing a set of their own myths which include the idea that people who can't feed their children are the idle, the thieves, the generally worthless all of whom are a long way from the comfortable class of Good and Obedient Help. At the same time, a great majority of us don't fly in airplanes, safe to argue that those who do are more likely members of the upper classes or are planning to join the upper classes when their next inheritance produces results sufficient for at least a first class seat. Sorel's myths to empower the masses included the idea of a General Strike. And had the Border Officers, the FBI, the Secret Service, the TSA and the Air Traffic Controllers made a habit of downing tools on any day they weren't paid....  It's a theory.

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