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Wednesday July 10th 2019Tim Candler9


     The outdoors has been really very inclement these past few days. I'd call it hell, but for one reason or other I follow the Buddhist tradition of hell, which is cold. It's not so much the heat that gets you when you're homeless or locked up in a dog cage, it's the cold. One lesson from the past for me at least is to sacrifice what bedding or whatever you might have to keep your head warm. When it comes to food, eat what you have to, and don't get sucked into an expectation of particular kinds of food, there's a sense sometimes that without a particular food item your existence has less meaning, this isn't so much a symptom of hunger as it is of distress, fear and the panoply of emotions challenged by hardships that you might never have expected to enter your world and every part of your being wants to backwards.



     If you're looking for some kind of comfort and you are amongst others in your same predicament, a degree of comradeship is central. And if you want to know why, I'll tell you. Comradeship gives you power when in circumstances of helplessness, and that little bit of power helps you feel better, it arranges the relationships in your new circumstances, offers direction by giving you an horizon to hold on to. Of course you have to be about five or six years old at least to even begin to get beyond a sense of incomprehensibleness. So look out for the little ones, play with them, hold them, let them know they are loved, so that one day you might grow old and wise instead of as angry, vengeful and brutal as your captors seem to be. But if you're alone learn to live in your imagination, dream new stories that never dwell in the past, make them come alive in your mind with you as the hero.


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