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Wednesday July 17th 2019Tim Candler9


     Septic and drain field work here where I live. It's a massive and noisy distraction, fortunately a forecast of invisible rain stopped play today, and apart from the piles of various aggregates, which include subsoil, gravel and an enormous bit of crumpled metal that was ye olde septic tank, and a row of politely parked machinery all is quiet.  For those interested Septic comes from Latin via Greek for "Makes Rotten," so it's kind of useful word for anyone interested in novel ways of describing a political process should they ever feel a need to get away from "Disruptive" were the assumption is that minds need to be "Shaken Up." A nice distinction between shaken and stirred can be drawn, nuances explored, but if for example your foot is septic probably best to cut it off before the rot spreads. A cruel and painful idea which is why, when it comes to cutting things off,  it's probably best to think in terms of the Balloon Theory of Narcissism rather than go on about whether or not septic and drain field work provides an opportunity to observe the extent to which domestic pets might also be prone to varying measures of narcissistic impulse.



     The Balloon Theory is out there, wandering lonely as an idealistic cloud, essentially the idea is that narcissism is like a balloon and narcissists don't feel quite right unless their balloon is being constantly pumped up so that it's bigger than everyone else's balloon. Generally big balloon narcissists are extraordinarily devoted to the size of their balloon, and quickly they learn how their personal balloon, or personal hell, might get itself filled with more and more air. Praise, adoration, achievement, measures of success and so on, however fragile they are, aren't really the issue in the matter of seeking attention, rather it's the constant nagging need for attention itself that fills the balloon. Which would suggest that if that attention was cut off then the balloon would deflate. Trouble is big balloon narcissists respond by what they call "doubling down" on their obnoxious behavior. It's an "I will not be ignored" kind of sound. So yes, septic, as opposed to "Not Normal" is a more courageous way of thinking about it. Pet-wise, within the context of the Balloon Theory, I'm almost ready to make the observation that any balloon blowing up narcissist impulse that either domestic pet may be prone to is instantly deflated by the awesome power of earth moving equipment. And there could well be a lesson in this.


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