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Monday July 1st 2019Tim Candler9


     It's a landslide for the Bean Beetle, and I've written a sharp note to the non-beneficial insect picker, suggesting he might not be as highly trained or as competent as he thinks he is. It's that whole Dunning-Kruger effect, we're all subject to it of course, but he's well past his prime, he's reached the dodder phase of his earthly passage, and definitely time to follow the Lead Bull into the night return again to an entirely different occupation. And the thing about the spawn of Bean Beetle, it's not just Beans they are partial to, they like the Clambering Squash, particularly Spaghetti Squash and things like Mellon, and Bean Beetle are perfectly capable of producing three generations a year. So, short of actually giving up on growing Beans for a couple of years, what to do?



    One solution is to pull the Beans early and incinerate them. Does seem mean on the Beans, it's not their fault, it's not as though they can escape the peril, they just grow peacefully, badly harassed  now and then by a Bean Picker. Either way, and I don't know how many times in years past I have considered this, could be that a Determinate Bush Bean is the solution. With a Determinate Bean you pick once around end of June, leave them be a couple of days, pull them out and as you do so get the last of the Beans. By first week of July the Beans are all gone from the garden. So they're not the wondrous Blue Lake Bush Bean which can go on producing until well into August. Oh sure, the hotter it gets the later into the year you go with Blue Lake Bush, the Beans get gnarled and ill tempered, and those are the Beans you Pressure Can. 


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