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Saturday July 20th 2019Tim Candler9


     So what with one thing and another, after all the soul searching, the polls, the hand wringing, the woe is me, Facebook, the opinions and the millions of maybes, fairly safe to say "It's Not The Economy, stupid." And without beating about the bush, it's again time to finally pull ourselves together, address the Wealth of Nations as a moral issue, which on my own reading was what Adam Smith attempted to achieve in his Theory of Moral Sentiment, and in his more famous work The Wealth of Nations.



     And stop all this denigration of the great bulk of our species as being perfectly happy and obedient, like Milk Cows in a field waiting to give, just so long as we have a good job and can regularly go shopping for totally pointless things. Mind you and fair warning, that's probably not going to happen this side of some kind of geological time scale.  Depressing? Of course it is, and so was the Protestant Reformation in some quarters. Kind of no wonder Saint Teresa founded the Discalced Carmelites as she searched for her own solutions. 


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