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Monday July 22nd 2019Tim Candler9


     Not sure how many of us might have read both volumes of the Mueller Report, nor am I sure how many of us might have followed the recent debate over whether or not the ten standard images used in the Rorschach Test, or the inkblot test, should be permitted to enter the Public Domain. The prime, and by prime I mean the more sensible, argument in the Inkblot Debate had to do with the effect publication of the images would have on the effectiveness of the test, the assumption being that people prior to being subjected to the test would somehow cheat by having a good long look at the images, come up with ideas about them that were a long way from first impressions, and this would dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the test as a tool of psychology. Indeed there's one image that could look like two Seahorses facing off, but given time they begin to look like a single winged angel trying to find his fly button and there's a whole mind flow that can develop from that about whether angels wear trousers, which in turn enables the observer to start trying to see trousers and odds are the observer comes up with the idea that the angel is politely standing behind either a very poorly built wall or some kind of water coloring of an ornamental shrub. Then when you realize you're actually going to be tested for mental balance you know full well that it's best not to mention angels, fly buttons or urination and stick with the clearly much safer Seahorse idea.



     With respect to the projected gathering of the political class around Special Council Robert Swan Mueller, there's been a suggestion that given how few of us seem to have read what are apparently actual words, brilliant punctuation and very carefully framed sentences contained within the Mueller Report, nonetheless all sides of the political spectrum have had plenty of time to absorb an inkblot impression of Mueller's Report, come up with solid answers to uncomfortable questions raised by the inkblot that better align with their own private personal hell of ambition which invariably has absolutely nothing to do with the good of the whole. One could argue that this is exactly why the ten Rorschach images should have been kept out of the Public Domain, to keep them honest you have to catch people on the hop. My own argument would be to go with the whole Mueller Report as Inkblot Theory and in the same way that a psychologist might take detailed notes of various responses from the gathering in an attempt to come up with some sort of mental balance and acuity profile for each of the questioners with a view to determining the extent to which the questioner is pursing an existence that vaguely resembles truth seeking as opposed to those sets of visceral emotions that suggest a personality struggling with imbalance which is the more professional way of saying gone full Graham Cocoa Bananas. At the same time one of the criticisms of the Rorschach Test has long had to do with the bias of the examiners, and from bitter experience let me assure you'd best to empty your bladder prior to the examination.


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