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Tuesday July 23rd 2019Tim Candler9


     Volume One Inkblot is all about how the apparatus of the Russian State observed the venerable traditions of messing with someone else's internal affairs. And the thing is they were very, very successful, and they were primarily very, very successful for two main reasons. The first reason was the effective Russian use of the more modern types of subversion by utilizing social networks that were originally designed to raise vast amounts of money through advertizing revenue. Penny here, a penny there it all adds up and the more effective advertiser needs to have a good idea about who is likely to be interested in their product, otherwise they're selling blind. Clearly the same good and sensible practices apply to anyone with a mind to mess with someone else's country. Generally subversion has less to do with selling shaving cream and more to do with selling discontent, but the techniques are identical. 



     The second reason the state apparatus of the former Soviet Union was very, very effective has to do with the increasingly precarious position of one of the US political parties which has made a decision to ignore the possibilities and potential of changing demographics within the nation. Instead they appear to have chosen a path that requires them to shall we say take a very dim view of the spirit of democracy, the whole one person one vote thing, and in the process have picked up a lax attitude toward pretty much anything they don't actually want to deal with, because cheating, bullying and lying is just so much easier. This means that even though they might have shuffled their feet a little they welcomed the help of a foreign government to secure the possibility of remaining in power for a couple more years, a little longer and who knows they might not even have to worry about elections. And I wish pundits would stop desperately saying Boris Johnson is 'well read,' he's just another dangerous and mindless megalomaniac. Nero played the lute for goodness sake, and Hitler actually wrote his very own book.


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