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Wednesday July 24th 2019Tim Candler9


     On the inkblot test there are ten inkblots, each one attempting to illicit a reaction to an established pattern of thinking. For example, image three is supposed to grant insight into how a person deals with people, and depending on the person's response to the image the examiner can determine how well that person manages social interactions. If the person has a bit of a struggle coming up with how he or she perceives the image, odds are he or she struggles with social interactions.  Number nine is the image which brings to my mind either two Seahorses facing off or an angel trying to find his fly button and it has to do with how well a person manages data. Difficulty responding to image nine suggested difficulty grasping unstructured data.



     A very good chance the whole Inkblot Test theory is a frail attempt to deal with the inner working of a mind and the whole thing is a terrible racket. But in the spirit of a Special Council's reluctant appearance before two congressional hearings, it's worth wondering how Robert Swan might have described Inkblot Nine immediately following the hearings. Far be it from me to follow the example of our congressional leaders and attempt to put words in the Special Council's mouth, yet tempting to think the great warrior for justice in whom so many have placed their hopes and dreams might just say "Go F yourselves." Which of course is the right and proper thing to say when anyone is looking for a simple answer from a person devoted to the value and complexities of honest structures.


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