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Friday July 26th 2019Tim Candler9


     Some minds seem more prone to conspiracy theory than others, and the issue for anyone who due to mental and physical exhaustion might be avoiding the outdoors by obsessing a little on Inkblots is the extent to which Inkblot Nine might produce insight into the conspiracy prone personality. My own experience of Inkblot Nine was lasting and unpleasant, and produced more than the odd raised eyebrow from the examiner, indeed there there was I recall some diligent and gleaming eyed note taking, which struck me as a little unfriendly and without the sort of charm one expects from an individual probing for something more than an eccentric version of reality.



     But if a subject who finds it difficult to form an impression of Inkblot Nine is then assumed to be uneasy around structured thinking, I suspect that those reaches of imagination that produce speedier responses might indeed be prone to engaging in conspiracy theories. Of course if a subject instantaneously embarks upon an absolutely confident account of any of the ten inkblots then an examiner might well reach the conclusion that the subject may well have been cheating, which in the view of many is a first suggestion that there's a mind at work that's not too concerned with the veracity or otherwise of source material. The honest answer is to look the examiner in the eye and say "It looks like an inkblot to me, but I'd need more information."


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