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Monday July 8th 2019Tim Candler9


     Had to put the foot down on bickering, it was a long, wide ranging diatribe on my part that ended with brief outline of the dynamics of Capital which pretty much guaranteed that without some form of redistribution wealth would continually accumulate in the hands of fewer and fewer. Then I went on to explain that cats have a responsibility to set an example to the rest of us mammals and that example was not set when both of them behaved like billionaires. Classically enough neither was impressed, the Girl Cat bopped the Kitten before retiring to her day bed and the Kitten is now asleep on my bed. So it's been a fairly tense day here where I live and in the absence of a twitter account, I thought I might let off a bit of steam on these pages. I guess too, well balanced is a relative concept, very much in the eye of the beholder, not something that can be fully grasped through an objective analysis, and I believe I can say this with confidence having spent five minutes this morning with the News Headlines, against which I am therefore either relatively speaking incredibly well balanced or wholly deluded, which is entirely possible given the current temperatures and the levels of humidity.



     However, the word Mawkish comes from the Middle English word Mawke. A Mawke was a Maggot back in those days. And how soft bodied worm like larva of the order Diptera often found on decaying meat products came to be associated with objectionably sentimental and sickening or insipid in taste, I had no clue until recently. Revelation of course is inevitable, and I can now tell you that very obviously the association was made by keen eyed observations of those who obsessively pursue rampant ambition, self aggrandizement at the expense of the weak and improperly represented through what they call a career, or prostrating themselves to the powerful as they feed on the body politic then turn into flies, buzz around in a Hurray Henry the Meth-Head kind of way and when they're not copulating drive a gardener and his small four legged loyal and rather hopeless assistant who might be trying to do a little weeding in very adverse conditions to absolute complete and utter distraction. Letting them get away with that sort of behavior, indeed thrive it would seem, is entirely a consequence of mawkishness on the part of those around them. "Oh it's just Adolf, isn't he adorable, he's growing his wings." Inevitably more maggots are then produced, and there is no help in us.


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