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Monday June 10th 2019Tim Candler9


    Not certain I have the mental cohesion to enjoy a traditional early June humid laden contemplation of the direction of slope between Summer and Winter Solstice. Uphill or downhill? Easy enough to blame this lack of cohesion on the current colonial administration, yet such a contemplation would probably be far more constructive than devoting the afternoon to wondering why anyone would spend over a quarter million dollars in a men's clothing store. Maybe Methuselah in the course of his 969 years upon earth might have splurged a little on a clothing allowance of around $25 a year, making it a lifetime clothing expenditure of around quarter of a million dollars, but from nappy to compost the average US male currently lives around 76 years, so at a quarter of a million dollar life time expenditure on clothing, I think you're looking at around $3250 a year, which is a ludicrous number of socks, shirts, trousers and underpants, so maybe my sums are in gross error.



   At the same time, and here possibly I'm a bit of a cave dweller, but fairly convinced that any male of our species who spends quarter of a million dollars of someone else's money in a single year on clothing is, shall we say either "a scourge on the good reputation of Lounge Lizards," or "Not all there, mentally." Always a chance there's been some spectacular movement in the gene pool that's proceeding to cast about for new forms of maleness. A most exciting prospect, but have to think future-wise this movement is probably something of a dead end. And indeed there's an argument that suggest Peahens are not in the least interested in the number and size of a Peacock's tail feathers, rather the entire tail feather display of a Peacock is for the sole benefit of discouraging other Peacocks. Mind you the oniomanic in question does serve as chief executive of a registered charity called the National Rifle Association, explains a lot.


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