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Wednesday June 19th 2019Tim Candler9


    With Roman Legions, maintaining enthusiasm for fighting was big, very big. Each section had a veteran of wars and it was his role to tell tales of glory, go on about this and that, maintain a narrative of fighting, dying bravely and wining. Nor did it really matter what you were actually fighting about, that question was irrelevant and discouraged. They were pretty much professional soldiers, you joined up for twenty years and if you survived you had a bit hidden away and you were supposed to be given land and a pension. More recently the Democrats here in the United States really want to fight, their veterans are trying to calm them all down. And the thing about that sort of behavior from the veterans, it saps enthusiasm, and when battle commences, well you got a bunch of limp wristed javelin throwers. Just my opinion of course.



   With Roman Legions a general who appeared anxious not to fight, looked for excuses, hummed and hawed, had to make pretty dammed certain veterans within the ranks weren't going to start doubting the capacity of their general to win the battle. The point is veterans did pretty well out of the spoils of war, there was booty, there was kudos, a whole bunch of reasons, nor did a legion really want to go home with its tail between its legs, and if you lost the battle a lot of good men died, so you can call it self interest. Of course, safe to say that elites know the rules, in many ways they live in a bit of fantasy world that kind of suits them, and the other thing about war is, and you quickly find this out, there are no rules. More likely the analogy of the Roman Legions to at least one of our current political parties is apt. The other Political Party are the Huns. Just my opinion.


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