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Sunday March 10th 2019Tim Candler9


    All problems with theoretical analysis begin with a decision. Let's call that decision a delusion that you're doing God's Work and soon enough weaknesses in this or that theory are no longer subject to open minded debate, instead the theory is increasingly supported by that part of us that becomes dogmatic because for a whole raft of reasons, many very unsavory, it suits us to be dogmatic. Dogma means a settled opinion that's been firmly established. A firmly established opinion is less likely to require supporting arguments, and as a result the opinion persists not so much as a result of the opinion holder's experience of how and why the opinion was formed, with the result that dogmatists are more inclined to foster their opinions by simply believing them to be true. It's also the case that without high degrees of dogmatic instinct it would be very difficult to risk getting out of bed in the morning, the first thing you'd have to do is check that the stairs still exist, the downstairs might have disappeared overnight, and who knows what else.  In another way, when I did finally make it downstairs this morning I was sufficiently aware to notice a dramatic disparity of opinions between the clock on the most worthy of electric stoves and the clock at the bottom left hand corner of the infinitely less worthy technical device.  



     And it's these sort of shocks to the system that do indeed create dogmatic reactions which in some of us persist well into April. Fortunately the reason for this disparity is entirely manmade, which gives me someone to blame for an unwarranted intrusion on my life experience, my sense of wellbeing, my happiness quotient, my expectations for the future, all of which does grant me a reason to totally ignore any argument about school children catching the school bus in winter, the benefits to the whole of longer evenings, the moderation the time change produces in electrical consumption, and all along I know without a shadow of a doubt that I'm engaged in doing God's Work without any evidence whatsoever. Sadly it's also the case that were I disgustingly wealthy man, I'd use my resources to encourage a team of suspect scientists to produce a made up document that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that messing with the time of day twice a year is a gateway to the assumption that the natural order can be changed, which in turn serves simply to encourage dangerous Socialistic Impulses in the undeserving poor, the deservingly downtrodden and the Just Jealous. Tragically, on this gateway drug to socialism thesis I suspect a good number of my fellow squillionaires could be persuaded to invest in Lobbyists and Think Tanks. Cynical or neurotic ?  I'm the two, the one and the other. I'm both my friend. 



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