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Tuesday March 12th 2019Tim Candler9


      No doubt outdoor early season projects, especially when they involve ladder work, interfere with thinking. Have to ask the question: "Are Maples spewing pollen or am I close to the end time." I was well off the ground, authentically engrossed in my work I removed a suspect block of wood, the plan was to replace it, and low a host of dormant Ladybirds. It's not everyone who has a personal relationship with Ladybirds but those of us who might are well aware how distressing it can be to upset a Ladybird's hibernation cycle. Then in the process of relocating the Ladybirds to an alternate hibernation site, your handyman pretty much wiped out 75% of them. It wasn't just minor wiping out, the block slipped, fell to the ground Ladybirds down, landed flat on a plank of wood and squish. Small comfort that it was quick for some, others were very badly injured, and who knows how the lucky ones felt but let's hope their thinking is unallied to impurity, and there's no plotting in their number that might result if not a boycott of the vegetable garden then an arranged mass attack upon my person next time I'm up a ladder resulting in an accident followed by days of agony as I crawl around legless before finally achieving a blessed release which I really hope doesn't involve some kind of after life whatever form it might take. That would really suck! I guess too, the Naked Philosophers who may or may not have inspired Pyrrho's version of skepticism, would have had a good idea of what they reckoned purity of thinking might be. There was an argument in possibly Victorian literature that attempted to find an answer to what happened to the Naked Philosophers in an attempt to find out more about them and this argument suggests that the Naked Philosophers became the Jainists, who designed the swastika as representing their four states of existence which was stolen and reversed by Nazi Regime.



     This Victorian argument for what happened to the Naked Philosophers was I believe based upon very ancient texts that claimed the frugality of Naked Philosophers around food included the idea that when they did eat they were vegetarian in their diet, in other words they'd given sufficient thought to food to conclude that animals were off the list, and presumably this wasn't some randomly eccentric decision on their part. Jainists have taken this Naked Philosopher no meat rule to a very high level. In their attempts to achieve an idea of purity, not only will they not eat meat products, they won't kill anything in the animal or insect world. Jainists suggest that the "Thou shalt not kill anything rule" is sufficient, there was no need for the "No I Am" part and there was nothing wrong with a well sheltered, well housed pursuit of earthy comfort. A wealthy Jainist was inclined to employ a lowly person, someone who had no chance whatsoever of Nirvana, to sweep a path in front of him should he chose to check out the outdoors. This enabled a devoted Jainist to walk around without the risk of stepping on something like a Ladybird. Good work if you could get it, no ladder work, a lot of contemplative sitting around waiting for the perfection bound to take a walk. But it does seem about as far from Purity of Thinking by the Jainist as you can possibly get. Which suggests to me that the "There is No I Am" part is deep inside the concept of Pure Thinking as practiced by the Naked Philosophers. A big battle in the attempt to reach beyond a never ending reoccurrence, all is change nothing stays the same, it's all immeasurable, we just keep doing the same thing and there is no help in us. Either way, should I tonight actually survive the awakening of Ladybirds in the room where I sleep, I'll be stepping warily as I go about ladder work tomorrow



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