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Wednesday March 13th 2019Tim Candler9


      It's only an opinion, still subject to agreement, but I'm prepared to support the idea that the clear sheeting outdoor project is complete. The next excitement will be to determine how useful the outdoor project might prove to be. After the last tool was put away, I sat on the chair and there's no doubt in my mind I experienced the "Radiance of Use." The argument of course is that proper use brings a thing to its essential nature, and we people "are at best illumined by the radiance of use." Illumined means brightened, as in the light illumined my red blotchy hands. Illumined also contains the idea of an opposition to delusion, as in I am not deluded, I am illumined. This means that the use of the outdoor project, rests almost entirely on my capacity to maintain the brightness of an illumined relationship with it and totally ignore its essential nature as a greenhouse type thing for promoting the happiness of seedlings. Fortunately the structure is screwed together, and its various parts are easily rescued in the event of the moment my relationship with the outdoor project falls into the bucket of delusion. And I can tell you this the radiance part has already done a little wandering around in search of possibilities that might serve to enhance the illumined part on the off chance that someone has the gall to offer criticism, or suggestions, or advice, or blank stares.



     The Girl Cat, who is a semi-feral sociopathic domestic pet, and I use the addition of semi-feral in her description to deliberately imply a level of behavior that runs very contrary to my own life practices, morning, mid afternoon, late evening and sometimes at a random time of her choosing, has already registered a degree of contempt for the outdoor project. Inevitably my initial reaction was to consider a cat flap in the paneling and not that easy with her staring at me to declare the idea about as absurd as heated seats in a motor vehicle which I'm I told is a big thing for some. All the same, have to suspect she's true to her essential nature as a cat so long as an observer reappraises the idea of independence by adding not so much dependence, more like why do it if you can get someone else to do it.  She was pretending to be missing this morning and just as well she showed up for her breakfast prior to my trip to the hardware store otherwise I might indeed have heavily invested in a cat flap, as a balm to my wretched soul if nothing else. The sentence, "Mortals are at best illumined by the radiance of use" is Heidegger. His thinking was mostly devoted to a grasp of the essential nature of us people. I guess his insight into our essential nature was that we'd do better to think of ourselves as creators of meaning in which meaning is more comfort than it is about thinking wisely. And being a man of great erudition and learning, he'd have known the Latin for that which might be added to our Hominid part.


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