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Friday March 15th 2019Tim Candler9


     Whatever your thoughts and opinions are around the description Neo-Conservative best to consider "the full radiance of their appearance."  Same goes for Socialism or Conservatism or Capitalism or pretty much any other collection of ideas you might want to think of. Nor is this an easy step to take, it's solutions that tempt us into assumptions. It's also true your correspondent has developed a possibly irrational fondness for an idea of radiance, it seems so much healthier than the almost tyrannical dictate in the word "enlighten."  I guess a battle cry would go something like: "Give me radiance over enlightenment any day or night." "Go ahead!" I hear the retort, "Bathe in the radiance of the Sabretooth Tiger all you want, his teeth will surely baptize you."



     The distinction is very well taken, at the same time, the radiance of the Sabretooth Cat included a wonderful zoological name of Smilodon, it was about the size of an African Lion and sure a North American Sabretooth Cat presented a great danger to those of us who might have been alive prior to the Quaternary Extinction of the mega fauna which included the Wooly Mammoth. Very possible too that a kitten of Sabretooth Cat might have wormed a way into the heart of a hunter gatherer and might indeed have caused some anxiety and emotional turmoil in the clan as the radiance of the kitten's smile sprouted bigger and bigger teeth as it rapidly gained size and started bossing everyone around. A great many theories about the exact causes of the Quaternary Extinction, and it's possible that given the cute factor displayed by all cat kittens, if Felix Smilodon instead of getting stuck in some rut had the Felix Silvestris capacity to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances there could be a Smilodon sleeping on my bed at the moment, dreaming of giant cans of Mariner's Catch or what fun it had been dragging a partially dismembered adult Deer in through the cat flap. Silvestris means Of the Woodland. Smilodon means Knife Tooth


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