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Saturday March 16th 2019Tim Candler9


     No longer certain it's correct to say that we people think with language. Probably better to suggest that thought processes become language and it's with language we are able to firm up the thought process and by so doing produce something concrete-ish, that can be stored and used to frame discourse in much the same way as a shovel can be used, or a chisel to shape earth or wood. I guess it's an argument that suggests language making, as a manifestation of thinking, is a tool.



      I can also guess that some thought processes never quite manage to use the tool of language to precisely describe the thought process. So with respect to language as a tool, the question is to what extent does the tool of language reflect hand tools as opposed to something like one of those washing machines that you just pop the clothes in press a button and an hour later whoop you got ready to wear clean clothes. Here, I'd suggest, it depends upon whether I've been thinking.


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