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Tuesday March 19th 2019Tim Candler9


    In the 1860's 1870's the German Empire was well industrialized, but Finance was dominated by Britain and France. The German Industrialists wishing to export were at a disadvantage, they had to go abroad for finance where German currency was held in very low esteem. In 1870 the German Empire granted Deutsche Bank a banking license. The new bank was built around the understanding that for better access to international trade German Industry needed a more reliable home grown source of finance. Things came to a bit of a head for the bank following the Fist World War, the Great Depression was a struggle for everyone, The Weimer Republic fell to a dictatorship, and being a bank Deutsche Bank dismissed its three Jewish board members and got on board with new Nazi regime.



      During the second world war, Deutsche Bank was engaged in basically taking over the banks of conquered territories and there was at that time a wealth of enterprise, factories and properties that were confiscated by the German State, the financing of many of them became the responsibility of Deutsche Bank. One of the other things Deutsche Bank achieved during the war was to finance the development of former Polish Military Barracks called Auschwitz, and also many of the German businesses that used slave labor. So what with one thing and another, following the Second World War the occupying powers divided Deutsche bank into ten separate banks. Inevitably what remained of Deutsche Bank developed a culture very much of its own, and a part of that culture is more prone than most banks to fish for profit in those areas other banks wouldn't touch with a cleft stick.  


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