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Friday March 22nd 2019Tim Candler9


    The Greeks had several Gods of weather, each one blew from different points of the compass. They were minor, less important Gods, never totally in control or fully responsible and all were subject to a God called Aeolus, who apparently might have sometimes lived on a floating island and pretty much let his underlings amuse themselves. The cold north wind was Boreas and very useful at causing havoc amongst Persian invasion fleets. The Romans had an Aquillo who was more of a slightly East North Wind. Then there was Notus who came from the South, was usually dry, caused terrible storms and was generally considered a destroyer of crops. The Greeks had Eurus who was a South East Wind. And the Greeks had Zephyrus, or Zephyr, who was the Spring wind for the Greeks, he was the West wind, and he was supposed to have abducted the Goddess of Flowers, he had a fling with the Goddess of Rainbows and according to rumor he had a bit of thing for Harpies. All of which means for the Ancient Greeks the weather, especially in Spring was as frustrating as it is in modern times. And there was a bit of a brisk Boreal wind in the garden this morning, it was ear freezing wind, and other than sunshine, no sign of Zephyr, who must have been off somewhere making moon eyes at someone, or might have been sulking in his cave which was located somewhere in the land of the Thracians, so many of whom followed Alexander in his quest to conquer the four corners of the earth.



     And sometimes it does seem that frustration with the weather leads people to give serious consideration to world domination. My own theory of the essential motive causes of the British Empire is based entirely on an understanding that English winter weather was something to escape from no matter the cost. So it's kind of no wonder the effects of climate change on the Island Nation's weather patterns seems to have produced a self destructive insularity in the British Body Politic. I guess too, the same could be said for the United States. But I am prepared to argue that fear of competition is as much a signifier of decay into tyranny as anything else in the natural world. For the Greeks the King of the Gods was Zeus, he was the big wig, law and order, pretty much anything you could think of including the sky, the clouds and rain. So you could complain about Zephyr's lackadaisical life style all you like, but if you find yourself impatient for a little rain in Springtime Zeus's wife Hera, who might also be Zeus's sister, is the Goddess to file a serious, well crafted complaint with. A little advice on the approach, whatever you do don't whine, none of this poor pitiful, be creative and remember two things. Hera's a vengeful sort of immortal with a keen interest in gossip and she's jealous of her husband's hundreds of extra marital affairs and thousands of illegitimate children. The other thing to remember, Zeus is a bit of a self obsessed nutcase, who thinks himself fantastic and he's not that fond of us people.


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