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Sunday May 12th 2019Tim Candler9


    So what we got is an idea of a society as bunch of individuals struggling with a paradox within the tapestry our generations have woven. In brutal terms, we can't live with each other and we can't live without each other. If we think of it as an enabling paradox we can think of it in terms of a process that starts somewhere and is going somewhere. Where that somewhere might be no one can really predict. What are sometimes referred to as pathologies, plagues, angelic hosts, cheating, lying, martyrdom, and it's a long list in society, are more like elements of a process. This would mean that doing something as apparently ludicrous as going to Mars or taking the Kitten to a Cat Show, is an element of the process. So you can kind of understand why Idealists have spent lifetimes attempting to map the process in an attempt to find out whether there's a going to be a happy ending to the story of our species. And you can kind of understand why Positivists have asked a few very awkward and aggravating questions. And you can kind of understand why Empiricists have basically said, "to the devil with both of your empty houses."  It's the triumvirate of the tapestry, I guess, and long may they be with us.



    However, another element of the process is the capacity of our species to make and use tools. Say what you like, but language is a tool, so are shovels, tractors, science is a tool and so are technical devices. All of them real things. We people develop relationships with them, a passion for, as well as a dependence on, tools. Call it love/hate, of you wish to. And again you can say what you like but the duality between mind and body is comforting myth. The reality is our minds are our body. A better and better chance that one day mind/body will be put into a technical device and we will have created a new species of being, which in turn will be capable of regulating its own processes of adaption to the environment in which it finds itself, and it'll probably be able to do this much quicker than we can. When this happens will our species sit back, take a break and say our purpose is now fulfilled. Odds are we'll be an angry, bad tempered, get off my lawn type creator and our creation will pass through some kind of ungrateful teenage-hood before getting away from us just as quickly as it can, which is exactly what the collection of beings in the vegetable garden is trying to do at this moment. 


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