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Monday May 13th 2019Tim Candler9


    I wonder if the New Being will require a variety of something like narcissism to maintain the contribution individuality is said to play in evolution or will it be a great big static oneness driven by a singular purpose. Then when that singular purpose is realized will there be a sense of the end time and the New Being stops, has nothing left to do, goes round and round in circles. The characteristics of life on earth include an ability to respond to the environment, to grow and change, reproduce, have an ability to turn stuff into energy, has to be able to maintain some kind of balance between its various parts and it has to pass along these capacities and changing traits in these capacities to its offspring. It's a definition of a mechanical process. Always a chance intellect is a mechanical process, and one has to assume that Artificial Intelligence is more about the mechanical processes of intellect than it is about producing a being that fends for itself, doesn't die every now and then because it needs a new battery.



    One of the things about life is that over the generations it has benefited from imprecision. It never knows enough and in the mechanical processes some errors have if only briefly proved beneficial. In short a mechanical process produces solutions from certainties, life has a capacity to produce solutions from uncertainties. A mechanical thought process depends for its solutions upon things, facts or figures that are fed into it. If some facts, some figures are unknown  or wrong then the solution my well be flawed. No doubt that our intellect is very flawed, we pull things out of thin air and claim they are real. Which is why its possible to argue that we people are creative, and it's this creativity that allows for leaps of comprehension, as well as leaps into deep folly. My own view is that without many of the more aggravating qualities of mind that we people are the proud possessors of Artificial Intelligence will remain limited. Give it being and it becomes closer to limitlessness. Nor will they need fresh vegetables to keep them regular as they cruise the Milky Way, tip-toe around Black Holes.


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