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Wednesday May 22nd 2019Tim Candler9


    Fascinating time to be alive. There's a sense of the interstitial, which is a word to describe the tiny little spaces between cells, interstitial tissues or the interstitium are kind of connective tissues and fluids which support cells and I guess the cells rely upon them, take them for granted, they don't get supplied with things like blood, they just have to stand firm, do their job and if they don't, well for the more self important things like, muscle, hearts, kidneys, brains, livers and lungs, something of a problem arises for the body which may or may not be curable.



    There are other ways of thinking about it, and here it's necessary for your correspondent to reach into an early memory which like most early memories could be very false indeed. It was  kerosene fridge that failed and by doing so caused considerable distress. The tinkering and coddling was mind blowing, trimming the wick, hours of listening, pleading, cleaning the coils, leveling, more listening and all of it failed. Finally an onlooker suggested putting the fridge on a truck and driving it around over very bumpy roads. As I recall, the bumpy road solution was not only an inspirational entertainment for the younger minds, the fridge pulled itself together and harmony swiftly returned to the kitchen.


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