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Sunday May 26th 2019Tim Candler9


    Twenty Candidates. Not very good at sums, but if you call it an hour which is sixty minutes, and you divide twenty into sixty you get three, which means each candidate gets three minutes. Add all the niceties, theme tunes etc and each candidate gets about two minutes. Probably just me, but it does seem a little more than odd. If you don't count the Mongol Derby, which goes back to Genghis Khan's 13th Century messenger system . It's around 620 miles and incidentally was won by an English Girl called Annabel and an Australian boy called Adrian in 2018, which would certainly have highly distressed Genghis Khan, rest his soul. One of the longest flat horse races in the Western World is the Queen Alexandra Stakes which is around 2 3/4 miles and the actual race usually lasts under 5 minutes. Today, while returning from my second, I'll say that again, Second, trip to town I attempted to talk for two minutes without pausing, or cursing.



   Naturally I'd prepared myself, I'd recalled a handbook of public speaking I once read in an another attempt to improve my social skills, I had the incredibly vital three points I wanted to make, I'd geared myself up into a competitive fever, it's Sunday, roads awash with church goers, boat people and the motorcycle tribes people were out in force so I thought I had everything going for me. Who knows whether anyone can do it, but I guess being able to do it is all part of being Presidential in the year of 2019. Don't tell the Founding Fathers they'd rise from the dead, poor dears and after a week or two would probably be fairly proficient on Twitter as they set about reappraising the wisdom of electing a single leader of a co-equal Executive Branch. Of the Founding Fathers I think George Mason is worth quoting "The President of the United States has no Constitutional Council, a thing unknown in any safe and regular government. He will therefore be unsupported by proper information and advice, and will generally be directed by minions and favorites." It was Alexander Hamilton who wanted a King for Four years


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