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Tuesday May 28th 2019Tim Candler9


    What with one thing and another high heat is the last thing we all need at the moment. You can labor under the illusion that the elderly like it warm, you can go on about why it's one of benefits of getting on in years, and how you might be looking forward to that day when you can bask like a Hippo in a muddy pool of humidity, enjoy the Yellow Chats and creep around after what could be an Orchard Oriel without feeling faint, well the whole theory needs to be sent to the dustbin of history and subjected to that kind of squeezing automobile chassis are subjected to when there's nothing left in them worth saving. Unless I belong to an anomalous gene pool I think it fair to say that temperature-wise the elderly have tolerance for a very narrow temperature range, depending on the breeze I'd put it at somewhere between 72 and 78 Fahrenheit, otherwise, to quote the poet, we become "expressionless lumps." A dismal fate. That said, it's entirely possible that your correspondent suffers from yet another character flaw. And with character flaws a gardener just has to develop strategies that are either ludicrous coping strategies, like just being very brave, or a sort of "I'm a stable genius" type master plan with which to plot a respectable path to just sitting in an air-conditioned library apparently doing vitally important and useful work until around winter project time.



   Funny thing about narcissism, it's actually considered a management style along the lines of divide and rule. In essence the Narcissist Strategy in management is to weaken individuals by creating divisions between them, which isolates them from each other, and then by favoring some, isolating others the narcissistic manager is in a position to manipulate and dominate and make everyone's life a total, unmitigated nightmare, unless they all happen to be nuts or cult members who've been promised an afterlife and are all anxiously attempting  to reduce the numbers in heaven. As a strategy it's about as far from the hallowed doctrine of team work as you can possible get. And yet you can find it institutionalized in pretty much any non-union business place that retains employees entirely based on production quotas determined by a percentage of total production. For example Amazon chooses to regularly rid itself of individuals whose productivity falls in the bottom 25 percent. Fortunately we gardeners rarely have contact with upper management, no idea how they manage themselves, but we can do stuff like reading. A man called Clive Boddy, who is a professor of management, has a wonderful argument around the Narcissism Strategy of management that suggests it's a common strategy used by psychopaths in corporations to advance their grip on power. He considers it highly detrimental, has a ripple effect that courses through the high end of corporate culture resulting in stress, absenteeism, bullying, conflict, fighting, absenteeism, misery and a majestic loss of productivity.


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