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Thursday May 2nd 2019Tim Candler9


    Frankly, without beating about the bush and what with everything else when a Bobby Soxer Attorney General uses the word "snitty" in a public setting, as opposed to say a perverted grandfather trying to be cool at a preteen pajama party, it's enough to pretty much destroy anything like faith in process. There's "in a bit of a snit." There's Chicken Snitty, an Australian dish. Snitty, unappetizing as it sounds, in the antipodes and where I live is easier to pronounce and spell than schnitzel. A Snite is another word for a Snipe. And there's a knot called a snitch knot.



       Then there's the word Snitch which basically means petty and random pilfering or acting as an informer on the mob, a very interesting combination of meanings. In terms of etymology the word Snit is a German word for a thin slice of Apple. And while the origin of snitty is unknown you can kind of think of pilfering a thin slice of apple as a gateway drug to grand theft auto, bank robbery, money laundering, and I guess anyone inclined to ignore process entirely for the purpose of self interest is snitty. Still reckon an old man who uses the word "snitty" under any circumstance is probably suffering a dementia of some sort.


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