An English In Kentucky


















Friday May 3rd 2019Tim Candler9


    Your gardener is struggling a little with an industrial action. A demand for better working conditions and a much, much closer adherence to work rules. None of this kneeling on gravel paths without an adequate and functioning knee pillow. Correctly tied shoe laces, no flopping around without proper arch support. Nor is the spine without its demands, and here things might have gone a little further than "for god's sake lift with your back, you idiot." All of which means a rain day was met with almost religious fervor.



    Kind of no wonder back in the Middle Ages we gardeners lingered at our peril, we became dispensable and were returned to the blissful tilth at a rosy age, preferably before the middle of May while Spring still feels hopeful, before the onslaught of Hoppy Bug, and whatever dishonorable cowardly creature it is that nibbles little Chards in the dead of night and then completely disappears. It's Cossack behavior of the worst kind, and I'm far too old to dodder around at night with a lantern, stress out the Mockingbird nestlings, probably trample the Spinach, trip and end up in the emergency room..


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