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Monday May 6th 2019Tim Candler9


    Doubling Down for us gardeners mean's digging a risky hole even deeper and at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere there's a lot of hole digging going on. But it's not just holes, there's the matter of walking across nicely raked tilth to dig a couple of holes, and after rain anything like walking around on nicely raked tilth that contains a little clay and not enough humus can cause a compaction of the soil that does no one any favors, it looks terrible, the more genteel plant roots hate it so you got a hot spot for the more aggressive little buggers that can quickly drive a gardener to engage in impure thoughts about The Creator. Nonetheless your gardener doubled down in the morning hours, he planted 5 Tomato in nicely raked tilth that was far too wet following three days of rain and drizzle. 



    "Why-Oh-Why-Oh-Why?"  Strictly speaking the fault lies in what could well be a variety of Tomato Planting Senility that expresses itself by spending half an hour staring at the weather forecast, looking for novel weather-ism, those high end literary moments from the text version of the forecast such as "an abundance of convection cooling can be anticipated along the track of these storms." Go ahead work that one out, and you'll double down on the principle assumptions you made when you took your morning coffee to the weather forecast zone, and in the excitement of the possibility of finally grasping what convection cooling might mean, come away from the zone entirely forgetting what day the rain is forecast to arrive.  I thought it was coming tomorrow. But no, it's not forecast until Wednesday night into Thursday. Could be thunder storms.


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