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Monday October 28th 2019Tim Candler9


     Hitler had an uncomfortable suspicion about his regular army military leaders. He'd been a corporal in the army, he'd been homeless after the war and he was Austrian. German regular army military leaders were wealthy Prussian aristocrats many of whom had a long family tradition of military service an esprit that considered war the highest calling. So on the one hand Hitler kind of felt in awe of them and on the other hand he felt inferior to them, not feeling good enough is an awkward combination of emotions for one prone to paranoia which results in a ludicrous contrariness that you don't really want to find in commander in chief. One characteristic of the Prussian military was the extent to which they held fast to the idea that will, and often will alone, won battles. As a result they kind of thought themselves as far too important to concern themselves with the logistics of military operations, that work was the responsibility of someone else. It was combination of hubris and arrogance they had.


      Nonetheless throughout the second world war the Prussian military leaders did what was asked of them by their dear leader, even though many of their dear leader's decisions were, shall we say very flawed. This obedience was to the German state as personified by Hitler, and while some military leaders had severe doubts, very few did anything about those doubts, they carried on even though by around 1943 they knew that ultimate victory, or victory of any kind at all, was no loner possible and they knew their commander in chief had devolved, lost his genius or whatever. So mental balance was more a question of reverting to will, hubris and arrogance in military matters and especially so when the commander in chief was less and less receptive to differing opinions. In prison, after the war, the conversations of captured high end Prussian officers were secretly recorded. "......and we ended up no better than shoe-shine boys." 


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