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Saturday September 14th 2019Tim Candler9


     Trade Agreements are about a seat at the table around bigger pies. They are developing relationships that are supposed to benefit all parties to the agreement. No surprise relationships require good manners, sensible conversations and should never be taken for granted. One of the ways to aggravate other parties to the agreement is to go all Anglo Saxon, piss and moan about how the agreement isn't good enough for you and say you're not playing any more. The CPTPP, or The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP-11 is a trade agreement that came together following the withdrawal by the United States from the TPP, or Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP didn't include China, indeed it was very much designed around the idea of confronting China's many devious practices by enabling Pacific countries to present China with a somewhat more democratic and equitable united front. No accident at all that the CPTPP like the TPP doesn't include China, which has a somewhat domineering, dumb ass and cheating China First type philosophy toward the rest of the planet. The CPTPP is essentially the same set of understandings and enforcement procedures as the TPP, less 22 provisions that would have primarily benefitted the USA had TPP been ratified, and plus a number of provisions that encourage smaller firms.


     These sorts of agreements don't happen over night, it takes time for countries to implement the rules of a trade agreement, there's a political dimension, an economic dimension and all sorts of practical considerations. As well with trade agreements there are many unforeseen circumstances. But learned and experienced negotiators, unlike rank amateurs, have excellent grasp of the problems they face and they also understand how to achieve a degree of success. The CPTPP is coming together, Chilean negotiators have yet to persuade the Chilean Senate, but ob January 14th of this year the agreement entered into force in Vietnam, many of the signatories are already cutting tariffs, reducing barriers, and most are confident that the CPTPP will indeed become the third largest trading block in the world, it's gross domestic product will be getting on 14 trillion dollars in today's money, about equal to that of China, the European Union is about 18 trillion and whatever NAFTA might one day be called is around 21 trillion. Canada and Mexico are in the CPTTP, Brexit-Britain, which is not a Pacific Country, is or was or might be interested, and lo what a shock, briefly in January through March of 2018, before trade wars were all the rage, so was a signatory of and guiding light to the original TPP called the USA. When it comes to the challenges of globalization and Climate Change, trade agreements aren't the problem, more likely, and this is not a popular view, the current outbreak of megalomaniacal billionaires are. 


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