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Thursday September 19th 2019Tim Candler9


     Polygamous peoples of the Gambia River Basin are considered  the source of the word mumbo-jumbo. Early accounts suggest there was a tradition of a male dancer, called something like mumbo-jumbo, dressed up in an outrageous dress and mask, which were kept hanging on a post at the entrance to the village, who screaming and shouting would enter a town in the evening to settle domestic disputes. Accounts continued to suggest that recourse to the mumbo-jumbo's help was really a last resort for males who were unable to control their wives.


    The mumbo-jumbo's decision was absolute, he made no actual sense in his speech patterns and there was no recourse to a higher authority, one or other of the wives would always be deemed at fault, and the visit from the mumbo-jumbo came to an end after a night long communal, men, women and children, shouting and yelling, castigating and humiliating the mumbo-jumbo's chosen culprit. A grisly business that's up there with climate change denial, a certain political party and pretty much every utterance that issues from the current President's mental processes.


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