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Sunday September 22nd 2019Tim Candler9


     The breakup of the Soviet Union resulted in the Ukraine achieving a degree of independence from Moscow. But Ukraine was not immune to the machinations of a break up that resulted in a plutocratic, or kleptocratic, same difference, class gaining control over the industrial base, industries and so on. It was an ugly business, the idea of competition, the cream rising the top, produced a class that really has more in common with the mafia than anything else. Absolute determination to ruthlessly control this or that industry through every grisly trick in the book, including assassination, beating people up etc. And along with this went levels of corruption that were so dark hearted the immortal soul might weep all it wants but there'll be no chance of redemption. When the Ukraine, mostly it's non-Russian citizens,  decided that basically they'd be better off if they could escape the iron clutches of Putin's Russia, they looked around and concluded they'd rather get closer to the European Community and the West generally. Trouble was industry in the Ukraine was controlled by a plutocratic class that heavily relied for it's survival upon practices very much frowned upon by more Western Nations, even if those practices were very much the accepted way of doing things in the Russian sphere of influence. So what happened? Well the West said "You agree to clean house, and we'll be there for you." Ukraine sighed, "That's not going to be easy, we're going to need help cleaning house." Nor does much happen in the Ukraine without Putin's Russia knowing all about it. And there are powerful interests in the Ukraine who stand to lose control of their valuable assets should the Ukraine manage to clean house, do away with the sort of Politics/Commerce nexus of corruption our current administration here in the USA is increasingly prone to because our political class appears to be struggling with, let's call it a death wish. The Ukraine has some wonderful soil, it's the kind of thing a gardener dreams about, it's deep tilth beautiful stuff. One of the other things Ukraine has is a natural gas, and we're talking trillions of gallons, certainly enough for its own needs and plenty for export, yet for a long time the Ukraine had to import most of its natural gas from Russian controlled suppliers. Indeed having to import gas from Russian controlled sources gave Russia a strong hand in any negotiations it had with Ukraine.


    Things fell apart, there was an anti-Russian movement, a long tradition in Ukraine, Ukrainians stopped buying Russian stuff, and what with one thing and another natural-gas-pipeline-delivery-wise the Russians decided to go all out gangster on Ukrainians who were getting rather tired of being treated like a colony. There was one of those unofficial, paramilitary wars the Russians are so good at starting and so hopeless at ending, they lose control of the actors. Meanwhile, since 2002, a private company based in Cyprus called Burisma Holdings had been successfully exploring for and producing Ukrainian oil and gas. In 2014 when disputes between Russia and Ukraine had reached the ugly phase, Burisma Holdings appointed Hunter Biden to it's board of directors, the term lasted until the April of 2019, when Hunter Biden stepped down. But when Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of directors, back in April of 2014, the chairman of Burisma Holdings was Viktor Yanukovych, the pro Russian way of doing things, President of Ukraine. At the news of Hunter Biden's appointment, the German press comforted itself by suggesting that the USA when it comes to Politics/Commerce has always had a hard on for oil and gas, look what happens in the Middle East when anybody sneezes the wrong way, so what do you really expect from them. Some elements in the US press had some cruel things to say about the appointment, it looked like Hunter Biden had broken some sort of unwritten rule by working for a Russian client. In the April of 2014, director of the US-Ukraine Business Council, Morgan Williams, suggested that while there was no evidence of wrong doing from Hunter Biden "It looks like there could be a conflict here. But when you're trying to keep the political sector separate from the business sector, and reduce corruption, then it's not just about holding down corruption, it's also the appearance, (of corruption)."  The White House declared that there was nothing wrong with the Vice President's son getting a damn good job with Burisma Holdings. Then. in the summer of 2014, I think, Ukraine tossed out Viktor Yanukovych who fled to Moscow. By 2016 Ukraine had satisfied at least some of the anti-corruption conditions demanded of them by the European Union and had entered an agreement with the European Union that would, if successful, gradually permit The Ukraine to obtain full membership of the European Union, something Putin's Russia will do everything it can to prevent. Frankly the whole Trump, Biden, Ukraine, nexus gossip crisis sounds to me like one of those manipulative moves against the stability of the west that the former Soviet Union is so incredibly adept at fermenting. The point being, the west is quietly winning Ukraine, putting the current pro-west Ukraine President and wishes of a majority of Ukrainian Citizens in the cross hairs of a US internal power struggle, undermines that.  Yep, Putin wants Trump for another four years.


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