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Monday September 23rd 2019Tim Candler9


     The founder of the Birch Society wasn't that fond of President Eisenhower. He thought Eisenhower was a tool of the communists, and he had whole range theories why, none of them remotely fact based. He wanted to get the USA out of the United Nations. William Buckley, intellectual patron saint of modern conservatism, reckoned the Birch Society were a bunch of far right wing conspiracy theorist nuts with nothing useful to add to the discourse and he politely urged his fellow conservatives to totally ignore them, cosign them to the dustbin of history, and jump all over them in the most well reasoned manner possible by winning the argument. USA's Conservatives used to have influence over the Republican party, their influence dwindled, and now lurks around in the shadows in a condition of high dudgeon, writing books, creeping around cable news and the opinion columns, asking the question why and so on. All of these worthies, decent chaps hungry for useful work, are longing to be rid of our current president and get back to some sense of  policy based upon 'Conservative Values' under the leadership of someone like the Vulture Capitalist Mitt Romney


     To Conservatives, social policy, environmental policy, judicial policy, inequality of income, the whole shoot and caboodle are all on the negotiating table under certain conditions. The main driving force behind USA's Conservatism is the idea of limited government, which is reasonably based on the Founding Father's idea of Human Nature that asserts that people like freedom, they don't like to be told what to do, they like to make their own decisions based on open, fact based and free discussion. For conservatives, Good Policy for a thriving and happy society is made, whether it be social security or foreign policy, when those conditions of freedom to make your own decisions, come to reasonable compromises over differences with other people through fact based free discussion.  If Government just does all that for you, conservatives argue, consent of the governed goes out the window and you got the makings of tyranny. Sadly the Republican Party stopped trying to be conservative sometime during the Reagan era's spending spree. And yes, Conservatives are old fashioned idealists, if you like that sort of thing.


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