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Tuesday September 24th 2019Tim Candler9


    It's around 1.30 pm Eastern Standard Time, feel ill from lunch, rumors abound, and like Hegel in Jena in the fall of the year 1806, I'm waiting for The World Soul on Horseback to enter the city. The Horse was called Marengo, I believe. Marengo, in the service of Napoleon, was injured 8 times in the course of his career as a War Horse. A career that ended at the Battle of Waterloo, where Marengo was captured, sent into peaceful exile in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England. His boss was sent to a tropical island in the middle of the South Atlantic named after Saint Helena of Constantinople. 


     Sadly the World Soul  is unlikely to be riding Marengo, the creature's bones, less two hooves, are on display in the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London, of all places. One of the missing hooves was turned into a snuff box by some total reprobate, the other is on loan to the Household Cavalry Museum, in the City of Westminster, London. More than likely today's parade will sputter into a puddle of jellied Eels and Banana skins in the hallways of Congress, a very slippery slope. My vote, let's do the right thing, keep the Republic and to hell with the politics of nuance.


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