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Wednesday September 25th 2019Tim Candler9


       There's no Joy in this! You got "Damning" on the one side, you got "Deeply Troubling" in the center. And on the far side you got what begins to sound like the kind of vocalizations the Kitten makes on the way to the vet to get her rabies shot, it's not a pretty sound but you know exactly what she's attempting to enunciate, and there's no amount of reasoned argument that would ever persuade the Kitten that it's absurd of her to suggest that she's a rare and unique creation that was born with an immunity to rabies, heart worm, ring worm, intestinal parasites, which includes tape worm, and it's a long list of awfulness's. But for a rabies shot you do get a little green badge, it's like a medal that's supposed to go on your collar to show everyone how fantastic you are for being such a good citizen even if as I'm told you were dragged kicking and screaming to the veterinarian's office and then frothed and hissed in a most dramatic and rather frightening manner at an already nervous veterinarian. Regret to say, it's feral behavior that you'd never get from the Girl Cat.


     "Damning" is fairly clear. Classically from "gone to hell and damnation," or for non-wing-nuts, "Dude, you're totally doomed."  The issue is of course the meaning of "Deeply Troubling." Always a little suspicious of "deeply" in front of "troubling," not only does it sound as though it comes with a querying pursed lip, it's frightfully pompous, and I know this because I am a frightfully pompous person. Nor does "troubling" really add to the equation between "deeply troubling" and meaning. "Troubling to who?" is the instant response. For example I'm "deeply troubled" by the constant rearrangement and absurd number of choices of packaged bread products at the grocery store. You just want to go into the bread aisle and find your familiar bread category without having to wander up and down the bread aisle peering at bread products for a good twenty minutes. Then when you read it's Mitt Romney who's "deeply troubled" you have to wonder whether he means "I still got a chance to be president." In which case "yes!" It is indeed "possibly damning."


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