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Friday September 27th 2019Tim Candler9


       The Mind is a difficult area. We are delicate creatures. Most minds benefit from a little bit of everything. Some minds struggle with too much of one thing. Paranoia is a belief that other people are plotting against you. It becomes a problem when the often reasonable assumption that not everyone is an angel, becomes an irrational fear that pretty much everyone is plotting against you, they are determined in what ever way they can to harm you as well as the certainty and the convictions of your god-given interests. The paranoia in all of us can very quickly become riot, and this is especially the case with something like rejection of science. Science has pretty things to reveal and ugly things to reveal. It did not suit the Popes of old that God might not have made the earth the center of the universe.


     A slippery slope from there to stuff like medicine, with it's suggestion that we people might be able to interfere with God's will through the magic of knowledge. No accident Faust, in one of the early accounts, was a doctor. True enough feral reactions to foreigners, immigrants, science, boffins and so on can enter the paranoia of riot and everything becomes hoax, a great plot against the great and the good. Which is why you really don't need a geriatric leader who struggles with a very cruel, brutal, icky case of paranoid delusions. Of course those who have tied themselves and their vitally important careers to the riot will find it difficult to eat the sour pie of humility, usefully reinvent themselves. Some never will be able to make the leap of imagination required. Meanwhile the world still turns and the Beatitudes still apply to us people.


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