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Saturday September 28th 2019Tim Candler9


     Our third in command, the 3IC if you prefer, refers to the increasingly unfashionable idea that facts change the situation, and it's the facts that are changing the situation elicits the response to the changing situation. Wonderfully refreshing from a leader. Our first in command, or 1IC, is one of those who reckons that to change the situation to your personal benefit you just make up facts. Our second in command, or 2IC, appears to be more of a balcony ornament. Meanwhile our democracy and the rule of law is on a collision course with tyranny.


     In some respects whether our balcony ornament becomes Mr. Big, depends upon the extent to which one of our major parties and legal system has been suborned by the promise of tyranny, which is basically a promise that you won't have to trouble yourself with the popular vote any longer. As in most examples of how democracies become tyrannies, it's the current 1IC's popular support in our own democracy that one of our own major political parties is so in awe of, it could well return facts to the condition of irrelevance that so well characterizes pretty much every tyranny the world has ever known.


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