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Sunday September 29th 2019Tim Candler9


     I think it was Mitt Romney who while raising funds for his political ambitions suggested that around 48% of the population were not so much retarded as they were unlikely to ever vote for him, and as a result they weren't worth his while troubling with or giving much consideration to or caring very much about because they'd just never grasp what was best for them. Unknown to him as he spoke to a private group of diner guzzling potential investors was a recording device that was probably in the possession of a minimum wage deep state bus boy doing his best to clear away the plates as quietly as he could, maybe get a generous tip for good obedient, well dressed, clean nailed, behavior in public, treat himself to some left over sausage, mash potato and a cold glass of milk from the kitchen's refrigerators when the horrendous starched white napkin and heavily perfumed evening which cost more than he'd likely earn in a lifetime, was over.


     Meanwhile in the kitchen, deep state dishwashers were doing the tidy up, the floor cleaning, cursing the cooks for the mess, swearing and probably polishing off left over glasses of chardonnay, or whatever, while the cooks were out back in the alley, congratulating themselves on a good review from an investment banker, smoking left over cigar butts to celebrate and no doubt some of them were wondering whether they fell within the 48% category, and if so maybe they too should start thinking about becoming deep state operatives. Not sure whether the Mitt Romney crew actually eat salad stuff, but my own memory of being a deep state dishwasher and occasional deep state bus boy suggests that those seeking an honest career in the romance of salad preparation are more likely to engage in deep state activities than for example tin opening, couldn't care less, shrimp cocktail preparers.     


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