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Monday September 30th 2019Tim Candler9


     It's a great day when winter groundcovers sprout in drought and unseasonable heat, high's of 94 Fahrenheit. The well could run dry in the attempt to maintain the seed beds, but what with one crackpot behavior after another equally corrupt behavior going on in the wider world, the well running dry would be a minor inconvenience necessitating a more emergent attitude from me toward the advance of the new weather patterns climate change has foisted upon us following getting on centuries of abuse the climate has struggled with as a result of our truly juvenile quest for entirely unnecessary levels of surplus. Back in the early days of our planet the first life forms, all of them ocean dwelling, didn't require free Oxygen, as carbon based life forms they took what they needed from oxidized molecules such as iron, magnesium and in the process produced a little free oxygen. Then around two and half billion years ago, in the Proterozoic Period, as the ozone layer in the higher reaches in our atmosphere developed following an increased percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere and reduced the sun's more harmful radiation there was very dramatic jump in the levels of atmospheric free oxygen which for many life forms was actually poisonous, and billions and billions of them became extinct.


     Those life forms that didn't fall to the pollution of free oxygen did so as a result of being able to source their oxygen from the free oxygen the Proterozoic Period had produced, and indeed without those early life forms that succumbed to free oxygen as a pollutant the free oxygen in the atmosphere today that you and I breath would not have been available for the long slow evolutionary process that produced the wealth of, the mobility of, and the flexibility of us free oxygen dependant creatures on the planet today. Some of us don't even need roots any longer. It's an interesting argument that really doesn't have anything to do with the pollutants currently causing the atmosphere to warm, the free oxygen we benefit from survived many an extinction caused by global heating and global cooling from volcano, meteor etc., and isn't going anywhere for a good long while. My own view, cling to it all you want but our current lifestyle is doomed and as a result presents our species with a wonderful opportunity, if not to progress, not certain that's possible, then at least mature a little around the issue of what is and is not important. This year your gardener is attempting a dish of Groundhog Daikon Radish and Winter Wheat ground cover under very well aged lightly scattered hay bale, so it's all very mindful and exciting.


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