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Sunday January 12th 2020Tim Candler9


     For those who may have been wondering, your writer of pulp hasn't been sunning himself in Cancun. Such an ordeal would be beyond his capacity to endure. And no need to mention the absurdity of his new year resolutions, however inevitable that mention will be. And yes indeed, your writer of pulp has done a little shovel work in his vegetable garden, the new bed is underway, and he's spent time on the onerous issues around capital letters, colons, semi-colons and grammar. None of which he fully understands, but fortunately in the modern age even a Blue Green Algae so long as he can manage the formats can utilize the capacities of digital media to publish an E-book. The actual event, the big moment when the soul is ensnared by the demon, comes with a congratulations, it's dramatic, it's personal and it happens in seconds. An Everest moment you might think until you realize the problem of engaging an actual fellow member of your species.


     So what is it that The Rabbit of Usk addresses, or is it just a ripping yarn in the genre of prolix for those in our number who just like to go around and around until realizing the effort is pointless they fall off the carousel head first into the grave. This was a grave I had dug for myself, and the reason I'd  dug such a grave is basically found within the words affectedly, irritatingly grand, solemn and self important. There was no way that one and a half million odd words divided into ten books could ever by anything much more than perfect in every way each one entirely indispensable, it was almost as though I'd become a 78 year old senator. The resolution for 2020 is to embark upon an enterprise currently titled Saint Haddock, a fishy tale. Meanwhile on these pages I will disavow the political world and daily devote this time to an inquiry into this link: The Rabbit of Usk  It's free, it's a manageable 150,000 words and it's got a picture. So hang tough comrades, the Spring Time will be soon.


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