An English In Kentucky



















Past 2009


February 2009

February  4th 2009  "Why complicate things with explanation...."

February  5th 2009  "The category of close to venerable...."

February  6th 2009  "..the fume kiln is an igloo."

February  7th 2009  "Doddering perhaps but not wise."

February  8th 2009  "I have what the wife calls muffin top."

February  9th 2009  "What does a southerner know about chard?"

February 10th 2009  "When I was small... I knew it as mango fly."

February 11th 2009  "Planting potato beyond the kraal."

February 12th 2009  "Living upon the consumption of others...."

February 13th 2009  "The word 'toft'...."

February 14th 2009  "Whose coat is that jacket?"

February 15th 2009  "Today we fired the fume kiln..."

February 16th 2009  "Philemon owned a bicycle.."

February 17th 2009  "In the city of Cardiff there is a Broadway.."

February 18th 2009  "The word aedicule has a structural meaning.."

February 19th 2009  "The wholesale show is our tyrant."

February 20th 2009  "We are ready to leave."

February 21st to 26th 2009  "Craft Shows remind me of Marx..." 

February 27th 2009  "Ownership society under assault."

February 28th 2009  "Elfin ladders and bubba's bait bucket."





March 2009


March  1st 2009  "Rabbit, rabbit."

March  2nd 2009  "I once lived in a water tank."

March  3rd 2009  "Red Sea Fish burns down"

March  4th 2009  "I used to speak Swahili and Ateso.."

March  5th 2009  "An anniversary is soon."

March  6th 2009  "All of a sudden it's warm enough for insect..." here

March  7th 2009  "...Okanya didn't invent the cotton reel tractor."

March  8th 2009  "..thank goodness I am not a Bluebird.."

March  9th 2009  "I met a Walloon once."

March 10th 2009  "The House Sparrow is not a reader.."

March 11th 2009  "I thought it was a phoebe on the wheel barrow.."

March 12th 2009  "I admit to ignoring scholarship on the subject of language."

March 13th 2009  "I once joined a construction crew in the Negev"

March 14th 2009  "There will be those who insist on an idea of free will"

March 15th 2009  "The last time we planted potatoes on St. Patrick's day.."

March 16th 2009  "The aedicule survives"

March 17th 2009  "Like lambs to mint sauce we planted one row ....."

March 18th 2009  "The word 'career' and the word 'product' are markers."

March 19th 2009  "..why Nietzsche chose Zoroaster as his superman."

March 20th 2009  "Yesterday I thought the close Mockingbird had formed..."

March 21st 2009  "This time of the year there is a busyness."

March 22nd 2009  "We are under what those men and women with perfect hair...'

March 23rd 2009  "The worst night I ever spent is hard to delineate.."

March 24th 2009  "Sometimes a plant becomes personal."

March 25th 2009  "Goldfinch begin to blossom."

March 26th 2009  "There is an excellent reason for men to drink."

March 27th 2009  "Worts and banes were in the olden days a part.... "

March 28th 2009  "'Universal consciousness' is hardly a useful idea."

March 29th 2009  "Some incur an idea of consciousness with words such as.."

March 30th 2009  "I wonder how slaves manage..."

March 31st 2009  "Hedgehog, hedgehog."




April 2009


April  1st 2009  "Electricity arrived precious part by precious part."

April  2nd 2009  "Sometimes try to ask what the protocols are when the teeth.."

April  3rd 2009  "Tree Swallows have arrived...."

April  4th 2009  "Heidegger's  "Being and Time" gave a meaning to "Being"...." 

April  5th 2009  "A 'hoppy bug' likes eggplant."

April  6th 2009  "How nice it would be if rude people were useful."

April  7th 2009  "Beyond the occasional tumult over whether they were..."

April  8th 2009  "I woke up once in a wheat field..."

April  9th 2009  "The cat and I have visited the vet..."

April 10th 2009  "I tended to a wisteria in Buckinghamshire, England."

April 11th 2009  "A house wren has appeared...."

April 12th 2009  "Not the time of year for the prudish to be venturing..."

April 13th 2009  "There are periods of time that become important to memory."

April 14th 2009  "Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon was the perfect prison."

April 15th 2009  "My first 'summer' in England was spent at boarding school."

April 16th 2009  "The ancestors would have considered sacrifice by this time."

April 17th 2009  "It is warm enough for dragonfly."

April 18th 2009  "The ancestors take on magical qualities in my dreams."

April 19th 2009  "The natural condition is behind us. Whether it was golden..."

April 20th 2009  "Okanya disappeared for a while...."

April 21st 2009  "Of the five different tomato seed varieties put out.."

April 22nd 2009  "The wife's tick bite from Sunday required a visit..."

April 23rd 2009  "I heard the First Lady on 'take your children to work day'..."

April 24th 2009  "The artificial intelligence will begin to emerge through..."

April 25th 2009  "Tree Swallows appear to mate without any pretence at romance."

April 26th 2009  "The Aedicule is a space within a space."

April 27th 2009  "Too Hot...."

April 28th 2009  "I always look forward to seeing some people..."

April 29th 2009  "The fume kiln will probably be Sunday..."

April 30th 2009  "The first Europeans in the country that is now Uganda..."





May 2009


May  1st 2009   "I once asked a friend why the old timers called him 'Scout'."

May  2nd 2009   "When Alwin Hughes was little he always wore his Boy Scout...."

May  3rd 2009   "The fume kiln is emptied."

May  4th 2009   "Tomorrow is an anniversary."

May  5th 2009   "This settled weather pattern is rain and mist and drizzle.."

May  6th 2009   "There are places in the mind which so drift that sometimes.."

May  7th 2009   "The expression "Pompous Ass" has a certain majesty to it."

May  8th 2009   "Our Barn Swallows spend our winters in a friendlier place...."

May  9th 2009   "A discourse with weather in the late afternoon yesterday."

May 10th 2009   "Removed from the compound early this morning, to amble in ..."

May 11th 2009   "Alwin Hughes earned the name 'Skipper' in the following way..."

May 12th 2009   "Hoppy bugs.  Colorado Beetle.  And the soil has a mustiness.."

May 13th 2009   "The definitions of craft that I prefer, relate 'things made'..."

May 14th 2009   "Death is a function of life..."

May 15th 2009   "The West has put in place a separation between Philosophy .."

May 16th 2009   "The English thinker Gilbert Ryle might have enjoyed...."  

May 17th 2009   "I am a big fan of the Summer Tanager...."

May 18th 2009   "The expression "Patchy Frost" which was flung around....."

May 19th 2009   "I am suspicious of a squirrel in the barn."

May 20th 2009   "The old machine has charm.  The new machine just does..."

May 21st 2009   "In the old song there is a familiar refrain..."

May 22nd 2009   "Hoppy bug in the eggplant, but a summer kitchen has a roof."

May 23rd 2009   "There is a point when the question becomes "What is it..."

May 24th 2009   "One saga of ascent runs this way."

May 25th 2009   "There is a moment when the earth in these latitudes accepts.."

May 26th 2009   "In one analysis, a 'loser' is understood as that individual..."

May 27th 2009   "Morrison Swift describes the fate of John Corcoran, who.."

May 28th 2009   "Those moments which are hard on 'being' arrive..."

May 29th 2009   "I have one ear that is good and one ear that is bad..."

May 30th 2009   "In those years between the first and second world war..."

May 31st 2009   "The "mwah-mwah" is not a political organization..."





June 2009


June  1st 2009   "In my view, the use and management of that ground over.."

June  2nd 2009   "Of those places I have spent time, one of the most enchanted."

June  3rd 2009   "For many years I lived with Russell's view of mysticism."

June  4th 2009   ""To think" and "to be" are products of rationalism..."

June  5th 2009   "Every now and then the wife and I experience an angst..."

June  6th 2009   "Not everyday do I have the opportunity to contemplate flying.."

June  7th 2009   "Such is the conundrum within the metaphysics of family..."

June  8th 2009   "Eve, in the tradition, succumbed to temptation first."

June  9th 2009   "Every so often a moth gets into the room where I sleep."

June 10th 2009   "Hundreds of miles traveled and not once did I see a hitchhiker."

June 11th to 17th 2009  "Absent any reasonable context, an aero-plane landed."

June 18th 2009   "Perhaps my recall has stumbled."

June 19th 2009   "Providence offers a future for some.  Others procure a future."

June 20th 2009   "In both memory and history there is a subjective stance."

June 21st 2009   "Not for me the politics of the social.  That engine oil..." 

June 22nd 2009   "Early midsummer mornings are as the ancestors must have heard.."

June 23rd 2009   "So often evil is a necessary aspect of vengeance.."

June 24th 2009   "Such is the torpor in which so many of my relatives.."

June 25th 2009   "In the progress of offending people, it is always polite.."

June 26th 2009   "Nor is there a continuum between perfect and imperfect..."

June 27th 2009   "Unlike a majority in the universe I seemed to have missed.."

June 28th 2009   "November 20 to November 30.  Somewhere between these two.."

June 29th 2009   "When a Dodo first met the Portuguese..."

June 30th 2009   "Amongst the creatures upon this earth the tourist or the.." XXX





July 2009


July  1st 2009    "Nothing is more vengeful than a blackberry plant on a sunny.."

July  2nd 2009    "Why Socrates chose hemlock, when the alternative was exile.."

July  3rd 2009    "A rare event for a jobbing gardener is an invitation into.."

July  4th 2009    "Nothing from the Summer Tanager on this day of celebration.."

July  5th 2009    "Those who celebrate 'greatness' must first presume..."

July  6th 2009    "Creative Is Day"

July  7th 2009    "The first gardens I worked in the USA belonged to a genre.."

July  8th 2009    "Around the swimming pool is usually a stone or concrete bib."

July  9th 2009    "It is a cultural bias...."

July 10th 2009    "The outdoor stove has its drawbacks."

July 11th 2009    "A comrade amongst the beans this morning."

July 12th 2009    "Necessary sometimes to anticipate unhappiness."

July 13th 2009    "I haven't had a proper job since 1984, I think."

July 14th 2009    "I can picture them now.  "Creative is."  A collection..."

July 15th 2009    "One inch of rain contains an assertion of stability.."

July 16th 2009    "Time as quality day"

July 17th 2009    "This time some weeks ago there were nine little quail.."

July 18th 2009    ""Spoonidexterous" has emerged from the wife as a word to.."

July 19th 2009    "Before "Noddy went to Toyland", where he was promptly.."

July 20th 2009    "The great leader or the great moment is a yearning that.."

July 21st 2009    "I once worked for an English couple who ran a cafe.."

July 22nd 2009    "Those end places in imagination are too often designed.."

July 23rd 2009    "In order to provide for his divinity, a dubious miracle.."

July 24th 2009    "There is a little white furry caterpillar feeding amongst.."

July 25th 2009    "..two of the older boys thought they were cars."

July 26th 2009    "Many years ago I walked on King Offa's dyke..." 

July 27th 2009    "A Space In The Mind Day" 

July 28th 2009    "The English have a rain dance.  It is called cricket."

July 29th 2009    "A "still mind" is advertized as the place to go for harmony with now."

July 30th 2009    "This morning there was difficulty determining the day of the week."

July 31st 2009    "Okanya would point at a dust devil to ensure it minded its..."






August 2009


August  1st 2009  "There are ferocious moments in the vegetable garden."

August  2nd 2009  "In several languages the word "doodoo" refers to insects in general."

August  3rd 2009  "I would like to believe that in the time of wandering Shawnee.."

August  4th 2009  "The Jesus Nut has been absent from town."

August  5th 2009  "The barn is a happy chaos of dust and often useful things."

August  6th 2009  "A controlling personality is more often than not irksome."

August  7th 2009  "Getting to be the middle of August."

August  8th 2009  "I mentioned a mole barrier."

August  9th 2009  "In the evening, a moon on the Eastern horizon will send shadows.."

August 10th 2009  "Those who have reflected upon language have sometimes.."

August 11th 2009  "With respect to moles I believe the more practical third of.."

August 12th 2009  "It could be a good year for fungus.."

August 13th 2009  "I spent a year working shifts in the parcel department..."

August 14th 2009  "While this past July was happening, I made the odd pompous.."

August 15th 2009  "My left and right sides have achieved détente."

August 16th 2009  "An artist's statement has over the past several dozen years.."

August 17th 2009  "This time it is not a mole hole in the seed bed."

August 18th 2009  "The metropolitan world is these days a little removed from.."

August 19th 2009  "In the genes I have found those qualities which produce a body.."

August 20th 2009  "Those progeny of Colorado Beetle amongst eggplants are.."

August 21st 2009  "Strawberries are running in a dramatic way."

August 22nd 2009  "Early August cuttings of Lavender take on."

August 23rd 2009  "I have learned to think of them as hot weather grasses, cool.."

August 24th 2009  "I used to work with a poetic man who had great ability."

August 25th 2009  "A mind that roams can often hit the real and come away profoundly.."

August 26th 2009  "I will admit that a person's relationship with potting soil.."

August 27th 2009  "I once heard Rhododendron described as 'funereal' by the owners.."

August 28th 2009  "That prospect of cultivating hens for their eggs has filled me with.."

August 29th 2009  "Around Christmas a very large White chicken called a turkey.."

August 30th 2009  "The window is closing on lavender cuttings."

August 31st 2009  "The analogy of "wood on the porch" is apt description for a cool.."






September 2009 


September  1st 2009  "A definition of sociopath will include an idea of evil."

September  2nd 2009  "Some stare into the tealeaves of weather forecasting and.."

September  3rd 2009  "On February the third of this year I arrived at an entertaining.."

September  4th 2009  "The hunter gatherer has paw-paw neck."

September  5th 2009  "Maybe six weeks of confidence before frost."

September  6th 2009  "The number sixty four figured in Aztec and early Chinese thought."

September  7th 2009  "Last night I had a dream of hens."

September  8th 2009  "The grey cat is seasonal.  And he has developed the habits.."

September  9th 2009  "When the moment of contentment finally arrives a mind stops."

September 10th 2009  "If cold crisp arctic air comes this way it will hit a swamp..."

September 11th 2009  "There are gleaming jewels in the firmament of minds who..."

September 12th 2009  "However, Karl Marx in discussion with Fredrick Engels would..."

September 13th 2009  "Activity around the wellhead today means soreness in the.."

September 14th 2009  "I sometimes think it better to consider plants as being.."

September 15th 2009  "This time last year a line of metal fence posts was made.."

September 16th 2009  "In the early part of life there are plants which figure."

September 17th 2009  "The Summer Tanager has a few remarks prior to abandoning us."

September 18th 2009  "Wet mornings at this time when rain comes up at us from the.."

September 19th 2009  "It has been called a Mexican Backhoe, as have I."

September 20th 2009  "A Mole Hunter is not like a yapping Terrier."

September 21st 2009  "Okanya and I were awed by the termite hunter."

September 22nd 2009  "Sometimes we wonder what it might be like to live in Arizona."

September 23rd 2009  "Mockingbird imagination has entered winter, and there are.."

September 24th 2009  "There is a mood which suggests sometimes that the planet.."

September 25th 2009  "Last year Asparagus Beans grew in the vegetable garden."

September 26th 2009  "I will say that I have had enough of the current weather pattern."

September 27th 2009  "There are amongst the great minds those who see the word..."

September 28th 2009  "A week of abstinence foisted upon it by inclement weather.."

September 29th 2009  "The air is cleaner."

September 30th 2009  " I understand why the Grey Cat has taken to catnip."





October 2009


October  1st 2009   "One night a Leopard ran off with the school dog."

October  2nd 2009   "I picture perfectly legible labels naming perfectly..."

October  3rd 2009   "I took an hourly wage from a garden in Oxfordshire, England."

October  4th 2009   "For those with good teeth, a Beauty of Bath apple.."

October  5th 2009   "The left and right sides of the brain are currently in opposition."

October  6th 2009   "Asparagus always sounds like a fine addition to a vegetable.."

October  7th 2009   "The slow process that some describe as civilization, may be.."

October  8th 2009   "The sky has fallen on Hens."

October  9th 2009   "Counted eight Bluebird on the electric lines."

October 10th 2009   "I suddenly think I can spend twenty dollars on twenty.."

October 11th 2009   "Images so far this month of October belong to 'time'."

October 12th 2009   "I have spent good money on four small miracle mole traps.."

October 13th 2009   "After five years of intrepid conceptualization.."

October 14th 2009   "Here in Kentucky, we are in that window of the year when.."

October 15th 2009   "In imagination I see the Hyena."

October 16th 2009   "Miracle mole traps have arrived."

October 17th 2009   "Intrepid is the Close Mockingbird."

October 18th 2009   "Always thought it was the sin of 'cantankerousness' that..."

October 19th 2009   "The old me might not have known that today was Monday."

October 20th 2009   "Structure in the vegetable garden appears in my mind as.."

October 21st 2009   "The word 'authentic', in Heidegger's description of 'being'.."

October 22nd 2009   "It is a wealthy and devoted follower of Jainism that maintains.."

October 23rd 2009   "I recall the first Phoebe I saw."

October 24th 2009   "The old me wrote lists."

October 25th 2009   "In my mind the geometry of "being" is described..."

October 26th 2009   "The Bluebird population here is attempting to flock."

October 27th 2009   "Turned earth that has been raked into tilth presents a brief..."

October 28th 2009   "Sometimes I feel the word career should be expunged.."

October 29th 2009   "The Close Mockingbird wakes at dawn."

October 30th 2009   "While building this structure I wanted to call it a berme."

October 31st 2009   "I got the squint this morning."


November 2009


November  1st 2009  "Huge problem in the vegetable garden emerging from a..."

November  2nd 2009  "In the warmer climate, Asparagus is transplanted in Fall."

November  3rd 2009  "Remarkable shine in the faces of citizens today in town."

November  4th 2009  "I have met the master of that art form sometimes referred.."

November  5th 2009  "For several weeks resident school masters built a bonfire."

November  6th 2009  "I could call them a Trinity, but that title appears reserved.."

November  7th 2009  "A new garden bed is adventure."

November  8th 2009  "Past people on this land have left marks."

November  9th 2009  "Ground Elder is a plant that can quickly dominate."

November 10th 2009  "It was I believe Aristotle who began to put order into the naming.."

November 11th 2009  "Euonymus Alatus, or Winged Euonymus, or Burning Bush, or Spindle.."

November 12th 2009  "There is a phenomenon on Chalk Downs called a dew pond."

November 13th 2009  "Miracle Mole traps have claimed zero moles..."

November 14th 2009  "I have always understood why French language purists objected.."

November 15th 2009  "Sunday in the European tradition is the sun's day."

November 16th 2009  "Some part of me on Midsummer Day decides that winter has..."

November 17th 2009  "My own relationship with the calendar most likely reflects.."

November 18th 2009  "Depending upon how the beds are counted, the gravel bed..."

November 19th 2009  "It has been a good year for most amphibians."

November 20th 2009  "Can't pretend I am a big fan of getting up in the middle.."

November 21st 2009  "Amongst an increasing majority this place I live belongs to.."

November 22nd 2009  "Some years ago I started to keep my glasses on a cord looped...."

November 23rd 2009  "The old me was inclined to plant things too close together."

November 24th 2009  "I suspect that I spend more time than is healthy thinking about soil."

November 25th 2009  "In Europe, Wrens appear to stay put during seasonal change."

November 26th 2009  "The vegetable garden has Lettuce, Beets, Radish, Fennel....."

November 27th 2009  "Many years ago at a craft show I spent a hot sunny day watching.."

November 28th 2009  "Wonderful Viburnum growing on the edge of the parking lot in what..."

November 29th 2009  "I like to think that the Grey Cat sulks when his..."

November 30th 2009  "I picture it Maxwell Parrish Blue."

November 31st 2009  "The old me circles up there like a vulture, or an eagle, or..."



December 2009


December  2nd 2009  "Not unusual to misplace a day where I live."

December  3rd 2009  "The expression "If you have class" slips easily into a state..."

December  4th 2009  "With respect to engine timing, Maxfield Parrish's mowing machine..."

December  5th 2009  "If our species could be found only in that part of land which.."

December  6th 2009  "Not yet that date which will live in infamy, but close.."

December  7th 2009  "The vegetable garden contains satisfactory gloom."

December  8th 2009  "I have a suspicion Turkey are a little ahead of themselves."

December  9th 2009  "Possibly the Parrish engine has realigned his objectives."

December 10th 2009  "The power cut yesterday continued through the afternoon...."

December 11th 2009  "The Almanac would record 18 degrees Fahrenheit as the sun rose..."

December 12th 2009  "There is tension between the Grey Cat and myself."

December 13th 2009  "I worked once at a petrol station in the City of Cardiff."

December 14th 2009  "Those in our midst who grasp engine wiring are few."

December 15th 2009  "I think in the population of Sandhill Cranes that pass.."

December 16th 2009  "During the absence of his mistress the Grey Cat has.."

December 17th 2009  "I imagine in the community of Coyote there comes a time..."

December 18th 2009  "When the Grey Cat's mistress returned.."

December 19th 2009  "Preoccupation with a black seat for Maxfield Parrish's..."

December 20th 2009  "The idea of winter beginning on December the twenty first..."

December 21st 2009  "While contentment itself is transitory..."

December 22nd 2009  "I am in that sad category of red and blotchy English."

December 23rd 2009  "There is Elfin-kind maneuvering within the domicile and ancillary..."

December 24th 2009  "The Close Mockingbird enjoys these warmer spells of weather.."

December 25th 2009   "Juncos this year are few, but the Phoebe is still apparent. "

December 26th 2009   "The great adventure of a new technical device produces in me a disunity."

December 27th 2009   "I have spent too long in that place the friend who lives too far away calls..."

December 28th 2009   "Can't help but defy the existentialists and wonder......."

December 29th 2009   "There can be few experiences less memorable than a parade of photographs..."

December 30th 2009   "Meanwhile on the eve of a new decade, it is worth recalling..."

December 31st 2009   "I am fairly certain those conditions that might qualify me for "Rapture"...."