An English In Kentucky



















Past 2010


January 2010 


January  1st 2010     "Weak sunshine after last night's blue moon and the word 'Arctic' ...." 

January  2nd 2010    "I am going to have to go into town today."

January  3rd 2010    "Always depressing when a morning temperature reads in single..."

January  4th 2010     "End Time has clearly been delayed."

January  5th 2010     "The new technical device contains "games"."

January  6th 2010     "More often it is better to ignore those itchy things that crawl......"

January  7th 2010     "I remember the 'Coffin Snow'."

January  8th 2010     "The phrase "Cloudy with highs near 17F" does not inspire the Grey Cat."

January  9th 2010     "The Grey Cat's mistress has become like Captain Oates."

January 10th 2010     "Never been able to fully grasp Winter Squash."

January 11th 2010     "I Think, Therefore I Am, puts way too much emphasis on Think." 

January 12th 2010     "In some parts of the world Tuesday is unlucky."

January 13th 2010     "I share the concern that Saran Wrap is the tip of an iceberg....."

January 14th 2010     "Robins spent a good part of yesterday's afternoon providing apoplexy..."

January 15th 2010     "What with the holiday season and a developing antagonism toward days...."

January 16th 2010     "Seed packets for the vegetable garden have arrived."

January 17th 2010     "Malabar Spinach and Asparagus Bean trellis with Wax Gourd climbing...."

January 18th 2010     "After an inch of rain that I thought a warm rain, and a Monday morning..."

January 19th 2010     "We missed out on okra in the garden last year."

January 20th 2010     "Last year a Bush Bean called 'Blue Lake' had a wonderful time..."

January 21st 2010     "Last growing season would have been perfect for Parsnips."

January 22nd 2010    "I have never photographed well."

January 23rd 2010     "A boy House Sparrow spent time anxiously calling from...."

January 24th 2010     "Between here and town are several gardens."

January 25th 2010     "Big snowflakes in town this morning."

January 26th 2010     "I have in my mind a Wax Gourd and Cucumber arbor."

January 27th 2010     "The weather event predicted to arrive at the end of this week..."

January 28th 2010     "There are ghosts in memory."

January 29th 2010     "I often think Crows just enjoy chasing bigger birds."

January 30th 2010     "After snow deep enough to shovel and a forecast of one degree..."

January 31st 2010     " Tomorrow I take red blotches on pink skin to the funeral parlor..."



February 2010


February  1st 2010     "The calendar for this coming year will include celebration of Summer Solstice."

February  2nd 2010    "The phrase "enlightened self interest" might well be a clarion call..."

February  3rd 2010     "Here on February the third I recall the question why."

February  4th 2010      Images of Yesterday

February  5th 2010      Images of Yesterday

February  6th 2010      Drawings by JHC

February  7th 2010      "Many years ago in the Sinai I woke up to a chilly morning..."

February  8th 2010      "When a loud voice directed me to, 'Put the suitcase in the boot!'"

February  9th 2010      "Today is cold and getting colder."

February 10th 2010      "Our leaning wall  toppled as a result of poor foundation."

February 11th 2010      "The men in sunglasses had a shallow opinion of us."

February 12th 2010      "In Kentucky it's the day to count birds."

February 13th 2010      "Our wall never looked quite right."

February 14th 2010      "I think some weeks ago I came to a conclusion that weather forecast...."

February 15th 2010      "The US dollar was once the currency of choice in that world......."

February 16th 2010      "I have recently been sent some photographs which apparently..."

February 17th 2010      "The Grey Cat's mistress reckons that March is worse than...."

February 18th 2010      "These pictures belong to an idyll that is real...."

February 19th 2010      "Our pair waddled around the perimeter through conditions..."

February 20th 2010      "The Osprey or Barn Owl that has graced us with a ghostly.."

February 21st 2010      "I will not say it felt like Spring this morning because I have..."

February 22nd 2010     "The Barred Owl is described as: "A large gray-brown, puffy-headed woodland owl.""

February 23rd 2010     "Mr. Peterson, in the fifth edition of his Field Guide to the Birds...."

February 24th 2010     "The analogy of Human Being as radio and Heidegger's..."

February 25th 2010     "During the recent blissful interlude we saw two frogs....."

February 26th 2010     "I've got the old man sniffle."

February 27th 2010      " "It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth." "

February 28th 2010     "On Wednesday I go to get my fingerprints taken."





March  1st 2010        "Rabbit, Rabbit,  inoculates against the sincerity of the Easter season, as does chocolate."

March  2nd 2010       "It has often been explained to me that there are things...."

March  3rd 2010        "Sometimes a good idea to get out of bed long before daybreak..."

March  4th 2010        "Sunshine in the morning and tufts of white visible from the backdoor...."

March  5th 2010        "This date is an anniversary."

March  6th 2010        "Potato rains in store for us, and yesterday at the hardware store...."

March  7th 2010        "The seed of a Wax Gourd requires a temperature in the region of 80......"

March  8th 2010        "Wisdom from distant hills plants Spinach in good time for potato rains...."

March  9th 2010        "Echelons of Sandhill Crane passing on their way North. "

March 10th 2010       "Trees will soon arrive through the UPS."

March 11th 2010       "The Close Mockingbird is chortling."

March 12th 2010       "I have checked the rain gauge for leaks."

March 13th 2010       "Mole conferences are irregular subterranean affairs."

March 14th 2010       "Seed Potato arriving by the UPS on Monday."

March 15th 2010       "The question when to start seeds would be easier to answer...."

March 16th 2010       "Seeds of hot weather vegetables have entered the germination zone."

March 17th 2010       "Would be a perfect day to plant potato, but ground..."

March 18th 2010       "Meadowlarks in full fettle."

March 19th 2010       "Towhee, always a harbinger."

March 20th 2010       "This time last year Forsythia was in bloom and the Close Mockingbird..."

March 21st 2010       "Tending toward dryness and soil is still chilly despite warmth..."

March 22nd 2010      "There must have been a greater cold these past months of winter..."

March 23rd 2010       "The bloom of Flowering Quince is running late."

March 24th 2010       "Thrashers when I first saw them twenty four years ago....."

March 25th 2010       "I know with a certainty the first potato I planted was Desiree."

March 26th 2010       "I should probably take the deep breath and risk checking the mail in town."

March 27th 2010       "The Close Mockingbird has in his repertoire the call of Meadowlarks."

March 28th 2010       "The Tyrant Pericles figured as a model for Plato's "Men of Gold"."

March 29th 2010       "I have to wonder why there is no retirement age for a Supreme Court......"

March 30th 2010       "I suspect my capacity to retain information is diminishing."

March 31st 2010        "Never completely certain why this last day in March is Hedgehog Day."




April  1st 2010          "The worst place to be on April Fools Day is boarding school."

April  2nd 2010         "Tree Swallow sighting midmorning."

April  3rd 2010          "There is in my view a magnificence to philosophers."

April  4th 2010          "First Spring is a turn of the season...."

April  5th 2010          "This time next week I go for interview."

April  6th 2010          "Currently it is hot with dry wind, and the next chance for rain...."

April  7th 2010          "Beginning to think I should assess the relationship I have with arrogance."

April  8th 2010          "On some accounts, ancestors dwelled in forest......."

April  9th 2010          "Multi-flora Rose and Wisteria are in many parts considered menace...."

April 10th 2010         "Odd to think of today as the 100th day of the year."

April 11th 2010         "Thrashers in my experience of them have tended to remain secretive."

April 12th 2010         "In the analysis of "being as slope in a random place" there is an assertion of randomness."

April 13th 2010         "Yesterday the question why was never broached."

April 14th 2010         "Methodical plodding, complicated contraptions to provide warmth and..."

April 15th 2010         "Traumatic morning spent thinning seedlings.

April 16th 2010         "Soil is developing a bone dry from want of good rain."

April 17th 2010         "Those characteristics of the Close Mockingbird that have put him..."

April 18th 2010         "The old me probably would have reacted poorly to frost this morning."

April 19th 2010         "Time spent spring cleaning the room where I sleep reveals qualities..."

April 20th 2010         "I have heard that Columbine is poisonous even though his flowers taste sweet."

April 21st 2010         "Locally heavy rain, gusty winds, and hail are always possible this time of the year."

April 22nd 2010        "The relationship between Lilac bloom and the Hoppy Bug falls often...."

April 23rd 2010        "Hosta are sometimes called Plantain Lily."

April 24th 2010         "Hoppy Bug greeted the afternoon with an enthusiasm reserved for gourmands."

April 25th 2010         "Two Not Cherry Tomato seedlings have their roots in the earth."

April 26th 2010         "In those plans I make for next year there will be a large red asterisk....."

April 27th 2010         "Fresh air and one more inch of rain has put Privet in a mood to bloom."

April 28th 2010         "Summer Tanager may have arrived....."

April 29th 2010         "Some of us have been remarkably diligent with labeling this year."

April 30th 2010         "Mostly it is others that provide comparisons."




May  1st 2010          "Arthurian legends contain journey toward perfection through behavior and purpose."

May  2nd 2010         "The old saying is that Clematis likes a cold foot."

May  3rd  2010         "Nine weeks of rain in an afternoon has struck the Vegetable Garden."

May  4th  2010         "When Moses first suggested the ten commandments to...."

May  5th 2010          "Ominous, is the word we non-smokers reference during times of stress."

May  6th 2010          "It is Rosa Ragusa that smells so fine........"

May  7th 2010          "Well known that for those of us who become non-smokers later in life....."

May  8th 2010          "Those dreams of empire which have resulted in an expansion of Vegetable Garden territory.."

May  9th 2010          "Patchy Frost begins to sound like a character in opera....."

May 10th 2010         "I have the jaws of a Neanderthal from a week of chewing nicotine gum."

May 11th 2010         "The walled garden functions in those places that are swept by cold..."

May 12th 2010         "Easy enough to tangent into the political realm while prostrate in the dentist chair."

May 13th 2010         "Partly sunny with a high of eighty six Fahrenheit and last night...."

May 14th 2010         "If my species stood about one inch high....."

May 15th 2010         "Ticks have dignity, I suppose."

May 16th 2010         "I should find physical work soon, otherwise..."

May 17th 2010         "The "Uncertainty Principle" from physics when put to good use....."

May 18th 2010         "We've had a good year for Spinach."

May 19th 2010         "Great moments seldom intercede in the day to day."

May 20th 2010         "This year, two Not Cherry Tomato plants managed....."

May 21st 2010         "I could ramble on about how the expression "under god"...."

May 22nd 2010        "Large snail with shell feeding in the cold-frame."

May 23rd 2010        "Transcending these few remaining weeks before Summer Solstice....."

May 24th 2010        "Idea and the real are often in conflict."

May 25th 2010        "Some of us turn to the making of chairs during times of stress."

May 26th 2010        "Tantalizing glimpse of Wax Gourd emerging."

May 27th 2010        "The Close Mockingbird has his summer plumage."

May 28th 2010        "A revel in the misery of others, as often I do, can lack dignity."

May 29th 2010        "In my mind psalms are poems that mostly repress angst with words."

May 30th 2010        "I might understand Strawberry Aggression."

May 31st 2010        "Probably it is crude oil on the feathers of Brown Pelican six hundred...."





June  1st 2010        Can't recall this time last year with great clarity.

June  2nd 2010       In the expression "hard-wired to believe in a higher power".....

June  3rd 2010       Now that we are alone again, the Grey Cat and I managed nineteen hours of reasonableness.

June  4th 2010        Barn Swallows have fledged.

June  5th 2010        Hadn't seen the creature responsible for damage to bean sprouts in the vegetable garden.

June  6th 2010        A mostly blissful morning under cloudy sky spent fondling Eggplant.

June  7th 2010        Strange that the devil lives underground.....

June  8th 2010        Surrendered to large quantities of shell pasta......

June  9th 2010        In the quest for hanging fruit, I realize I should have relied upon Asparagus Bean.

June 10th 2010       There is charm in the picture of a Little Rabbit sleeping in shade......

June 11th 2010       The cradle of democracy produced citizens.

June 12th 2010       Some centuries ago an afternoon might have been spent at the public circus.......

June 13th 2010       Meandering through the Vegetable Garden many conclusions are reached.

June 14th 2010      Some years ago I could have reminded myself that high heat impinges......

June 15th 2010      A dastardly gathering of drop and roll Colorado grubs in the south

June 16th 2010      Sad to think of a Beetroot's existence unless he is inanimate.

June 17th 2010      In the matter of plot a phenomenological exploration as expounded........

June 18th 2010      Perennial Border Toads venture into the night where they discover a concrete path.

June 19th 2010      Some of us are getting excited about Summer Solstice.

June 20th 2010      Then there is plot with which to muddle comprehension.

June 21st 2010      Always best not to actually look at the sun, otherwise a morning is spent being chased by large green butterflies.

June 22nd 2010     That travel through time that precedes this moment contains infinite combination of memories, most of which are false.

June 23rd 2010     For a while I will leave the Vegetable Garden to its fate in this hot weather.

June 24th to 28th 2010   The new me behaved adequately.

June 29th 2010     Words of comfort are often found in sentences that place the one under the star of greater being.

June 30th 2010     Since my return the Grey Cat has wandered into the room where I sleep to make loud and demanding noises...





July  1st 2010        Not Cherry this year is very unlike last year's Not Cherry.

July  2nd 2010       When a wandering hound lifts its leg to a Candy Roaster growing innocently outside the fence....

July  3rd 2010        In the beginning was the word.

July  4th 2010        It could get dryer.

July  5th 2010        Kingbirds have their children garrulous on the electric line.

July  6th 2010        There is Horn Worm amongst the Peppers.

July  7th 2010        Seventy degrees Fahrenheit at six thirty this morning.

July  8th 2010        An exploration of being begins with isolation.

July  9th 2010        It should always be a rule never to anticipate rain.

July 10th 2010       There are one hundred and twenty eight fluid ounces in a gallon.

July 11th 2010       Ancestors probably did not spend their Sundays, and most likely Mondays,  replacing electric hot water heaters.

July 12th 2010       No dew this morning.

July 13th 2010       Sometimes it is necessary to get new shoes and two new shirts.

July 14th to 22nd 2010     Nine days of wandering in the midst of Kapital.

July 23rd 2010       With luck temperatures will soar into the unbearable heights.....

July 24th 2010        The garden is ravaged by heat and pestilence.

July 25th 2010        Great tension amongst Frogs.

July 26th 2010        Not everyday a person drives to the largest town in his State.

July 27th 2010        Ten Barn Swallows.

July 28th 2010        The better concept is a primordial ooze out of which emerges a structure.

July 29th 2010        Tomato struggles.

July 30th 2010        I have been to Atlanta in Georgia a number of times.

July 31st 2010        The Mole Hunter has taken to the shotgun.




August  4th 2010    Never quite certain what it means when the National Weather Service blandly announces......

August  5th 2010    All places in the world are loved by someone.

August  6th 2010    Frustrations assert themselves with that same insistence possessed by grasses that creep.

August  7th 2010    Suddenly something changes.

August  8th 2010    I'll take photographs of the factory.

August  9th 2010    With the abundance of butterfly, this August clearly offers opportunities.

August 14th 2010   Can't help believing that when true things hurt it is not the time to run.

August 15th 2010   A Wax Gourd has waxiness.

August 16th 2010   The distinction between capital leasing and equipment leasing has been foisted........

August 17th 2010   Morning Glory time.

August 18th 2010   Occasionally a Crow will lose his tail feathers.

August 19th 2010   ......probably Jeremiah...

August 20th 2010   There are some expressions which capture.

August 21st 2010    Cheese School exists here in Kentucky, and I have dreamed of Camembert, Stilton and steam kettles.

August 22nd 2010   Professionals tell me a cow needs to be milked twice a day or the milk goes away.

August 23rd 2010   I think I am permitted to express this opinion because......

August 24th 2010    I sometimes think a square is a more comprehensible shape than a circle.

August 25th 2010    A clan of yellow tailed Wasp amongst the Lilac.

August 26th 2010    Wonderland of blight in the Potatoes.

August 27th 2010   The fiction writer and the expert in memory share plot as their means to an end.

August 28th 2010   Malabar Spinach does appear to thoroughly enjoy what for me are adverse weather conditions.

August 29th 2010   From Washington Township in Kansas to Fredonia in Kansas.....

August 30th 2010   Lumpen references the dispossessed and the boorish.

August 31st 2010   Always a cruel joy when two minds become as one with respect to a mole barrier.




September  1st 2010     When his Swedes turn to soup then desiccate a wiser man might consider.......

September  2nd 2010    Rabindranath Tagore fretted about democracy in his homeland of India.

September  3rd 2010    September third is Idiot Day.

September  4th 2010    The prettiness of the day marred by a dangerous blue sky  and a stubborn breeze.

September  5th 2010    The trip to town on this "holiday weekend" is a necessary one.

September  6th 2010    Digging season begins.

September  7th 2010    That devil incarnate the White Tail Deer is not going to get the better of me.

September  8th 2010    While some are persuading themselves that Deer meat could be perfect food.

September  9th 2010    I will probably spend the remainder of my days tidying the barn.

September 10th 2010   There is a small gas engine in the barn that goes back to the early nineties.

September 11th 2010    Rain in the amount of two and a quarter inches.

September 12th 2010   A morning of controlled flames under blue sky and northerly breeze.

September 13th 2010   Sad to see Buddleia on Kentucky's list of suspicious characters.

September 14th 2010   Malabar Spinach and Wax Gourd.

September 15th 2010   I have to give the title Close Mockingbird back to place......

September 16th 2010   Could be the Cotswold's outside today.

September 17th 2010   Next few days are forecast, and there is a dry spell in store for us with temperatures high in the eighties.

September 18th 2010   A little dangerous to venture outside.

September 19th 2010   My own artist was brutally attacked by Turkey Mite while hunting Pawpaw this year.

September 20th 2010   We are going to get two Elm Trees.

September 21st 2010   The Pretender has I suppose youth on his side.

September 22nd 2010  Autumnal Equinox.

September 23rd 2010   These past years, the Close Mockingbird has occupied those parts of my mind that function in the.....

September 24th 2010   Odd thing about Hardware Stores, one trip is never enough.

September 25th 2010   Strawberry have hung on through heat and drought.

September 26th 2010   Almost hunted down the long trousers.

September 27th 2010   A keen eyed Mole Hunter spotted the snake amongst Sweet Potato Vines.

September 28th 2010   Too many diversions into "Why didn't I".

September 29th 2010   Circles and straight lines have perhaps filled the mind with considerable nonsense.

September 30th 2010   Short Billed Rail last week in the Vegetable Garden.




October  1st 2010     My own Artist, as her season ends, proceeds to the Doodle-Bug pits .......

October  2nd 2010    The eyesight benefits apparently from Carrots.

October  3rd 2010     The great hedges belong to those landscapes that predate wire fencing.

October  4th 2010     There is agreement from me that an infinity of circles......

October  5th 2010     I'd call tonight's forecasted frost, an early frost.

October  6th 2010    Trouble in the garden.

October  7th 2010     It is a little like the Sinai out there.

October  8th 2010     No rain into the future.

October  9th 2010     The aberrant frost of some days past will today be placed beside an anticipated high...

October 10th 2010    Moral support for the Close Mockingbird is a necessary behavior from subjects

October 11th 2010    There is a yard of earth which generally is conceptualized as a three foot cube.

October 12th 2010    A person should never mess with an appearance.

October 13th 2010    I can see it now.

October 14th 2010    The straight line that Route 47 mimics, follows a curve in the earth.

October 15th 2010    Scissor Tailed Flycatchers are collectors.

October 16th 2010    Route 47 cannot be reached through straightforwardness.

October 17th 2010    Can't pretend "Onion Weather" has no virtue.

October 18th 2010    Fieldfares are European birds in the family of Thrushes.

October 19th 2010    Tangent to the day to day is a preoccupation with that odd bird briefly seen last springtime and again some days ago.

October 20th 2010    The traveling bag these days includes wires.

October 21st 2010    "In the beginning there was movement-ness.  And movement-ness was an infinitely straight line". 

October 22nd 2010   Irritating drifts kept ruffling land, so the infinite regressed  into increase of irritation.

October 24th 2010    A Scissor Tailed Flycatcher does not like it when a passing vehicle suddenly stops.

October 25th 2010    For several years now the Artist has been sitting upon the machine that washes clothes...

October 26th 2010    Sometimes the idea of a thing is greater than the real of a thing.

October 27th 2010    Sweet rain accompanied by angry wind distressed the Grey Cat's routine.

October 28th 2010    Travel with The Artist was years ago a toothbrush a change of clothes and an assortment of shoes.

October 29th 2010     There are different ghosts in hillsides.

October 30th 2010     Way too much fresh air beside the sea.

October 31st 2010     An enthusiastic wind.




November  1st 2010    I have lived a long time believing the Common Grackle has the name....

November  2nd 2010   Heidegger reckoned to understand thinking by first exploring thinking through....

November  3rd 2010   The oldest recorded Brown Pelican was forty three years old when he died. 

November  4th 2010    A walk through woodland and sand to reach the possibility of creatures that chase fish.

November  5th 2010    Sanderlings have the black legs.....

November  7th 2010    The best part of being home is the glass of water.

November  8th 2010    I have ground to prepare for seven trees.

November  9th 2010    Socks are increasingly relevant to morning routine.

November 10th 2010   Mental lethargy perhaps.

November 11th 2010   The National Weather Service describes our degree of drought

November 12th 2010   Ancients called Apricots  "Early Fruits of the Sun".

November 13th 2010   Unfortunate when a keyboard begins to lose its letters.....

November 14th 2010   Came as a surprise to discover Ayn Rand and Salman Rushdie

November 15th 2010   There was a strange mist and a light frost this morning.

November 16th 2010   Cold Kentucky Rain, which I think is the name of a song, and I have a midday appointment.

November 17th 2010   One more attack upon red blotchiness.

November 18th 2010   In a little over a month is Winter Solstice.

November 19th 2010   Difficult to know how to treat an empty bed.

November 20th 2010   Often see a Squirrel apparently diligent with a nut in his mouth.  Blue Jays, too.

November 21st 2010   Have to wonder sometimes why a major part of  the holiday season is Turkey.

November 22nd 2010  Seventy three degrees Fahrenheit.

November 23rd 2010  A struggle to know what to do for Winter Solstice this year.

November 24th 2010   Packaging is without doubt some sort of  plot to reduce life expectancy.

November 25th 2010   Twenty minutes a pound stuffed is a sad fate for creatures that once could fly.

November 26th 2010   I think this year Winter Solstice will be celebrated in the following manner.

November 27th 2010   I thought indoors very chilly, felt the shivers, thought my toes would fall off,

November 28th 2010   A suspicious fog toward the river.

November 29th 2010   Winter Solstice this year requires a line and a circle.

November 30th 2010   The dead something in the barn, now smells oddly familiar.



December  1st 2010     Good rain, but too late for the polite grasses to take best advantage of. 

December  2nd 2010    The Grey Cat spends his day and most of his night watching me.

December  3rd 2010    These two little buggers are Northern Harriers.

December  4th 2010     Nineteen degrees Fahrenheit has been forecast for Sunday night....

December  5th 2010     Easy to remember the moments of Winter Solstice past, but harder to remember how cold it can be.

December  6th 2010     Deer hoof and slipper print in the perennial border this morning...

December  7th 2010     A little stressed over how to transcribe a line and a circle for Winter Solstice.

December  8th 2010     The one part of the telephone is a mobile unit that has no wire attached to it.

December  9th 2010     Flat battery in the one vehicle, flat tire on the other.

December 10th 2010    This is not the first time I might have killed something during the Artist's absence...

December 11th 2010    Next year there will be Wax Gourd climbing the arch.

December 12th 2010    Some years ago we had an ice storm here in Kentucky

December 13th 2010    The point about a snow day is essentially this...

December 14th 2010    I noticed on the news that Mistletoe in the United Kingdom is in decline.

December 15th 2010    There will be narrative in the next few days.

December 16th 2010    The Grey Cat takes to my bed during those periods when weather outside is unpleasant.

December 17th 2010    Some of us discovered rain gutter ice.

December 18th 2010    Such a shame Captain Beefheart did not make it past Winter Solstice.

December 19th 2010    A practice toss of two Potato Rocks produced some confusion in those watching.

December 20th 2010    Last night the moon was strong in the sky.

December 21st 2010    Rain and heavy cloud gave imagination its opportunity to flourish.

December 22nd 2010   One Potato Rock tossed into space, produced the center of the circle.

December 23rd 2010   When I was little, around this time of year, a shrub would be culled,

December 24th 2010    The best Christmas Eve is a drunken Christmas Eve,

December 25th 2010    flight and snow

December 26th 2010    The Grey Cat trudges around.

December 27th 2010    I wonder how Father Christmas feels in the week that follows his big day.

December 28th 2010    If you have been hit on the head once too often....

December 29th 2010    A look at the date is sometimes helpful.

December 30th 2010     Rain warm enough to melt snow.....

December 31st 2010    On the radio this morning an older caller threatened the host with "Phone-Calls, Emails and Twitters."