An English In Kentucky



















January 2013

January  1st 2013       Six.

January  2nd 2013      Lucy.

January  3rd 2013      Conlang.

January  4th 2013      Cranes in January.

January  5th 2013      Walking Stewart's Name.

January  7th 2013      Word as Corpse.

January  8th 2013      Heckler.

January  9th 2013      When the tether of memory breaks.

January 10th 2013     Carboniferous.

January 11th 2013     The meaning of Smile.

January 12th 2013     Stowing.

January 13th 2013     Humbling.

January 14th 2013     Cylindrical Mammal.

January 15th 2013     Hell Fire.

January 16th 2013     Coypu.

January 17th 2013     Plutarch's Nightmare

January 18th 2013     Hygiene Factors.

January 19th 2013     Gabriel and Anders.

January 20th 2013     Fulfillment.

January 21st 2013     Deers.

January 22nd 2013    Defibrillator.

January 23rd 2013    Numlexia.

January 24th 2013     DNA

January 25th 2013     Ill Fevers.

January 26th 2013     Ugh.

January 28th 2013     Hose Pipes and Satan.

January 29th 2013     Tornadic.

January 30th 2013     Tornadic (2)

January 31st 2013      Lady Birds and GDP.




February  1st 2013     Cigarettes and Pork Sausage as Purpose.

February  2nd 2013    Groundhog, Groundhog.

February  4th 2013     Year Four

February  5th 2013     Saints

February  6th 2013     Kenneth Catania and Moles.

February  7th 2013     Popes and Bones.

February  8th 2013     Snowdrop.

February  9th 2013     Unicorns and Screen Protectors.

February 10th 2013    Privet Berries Gone.

February 11th 2013    Cabbage Month

February 12th 2013    Popes and Saints.

February 13th 2013    Immutable Aquarians, Pisces and Scorpio.

February 14th 2013    Cathars and Separatists.

February 15th 2013    Cathars and Baptism.

February 16th 2013    Armenian Tunic.

February 18th 2013    Defining a Saint

February 19th 2013    Books.

February 20th 2013    Early Maple Bloom.

February 21st 2013    Jain's

February 22nd 2013   Vampire of Cathar.

February 25th 2013    Reed Instruments.

February 26th 2013    The Year 259,013

February 27th 2012    Blood Transfusion

February 28th 2013    Frogs, Hearts and Eggs.



March  1st 2013        Doveliness

March  2nd 2013      Spring Cleaning.

March  3rd 2013       Egbert King of Wessex and Dumnonia.

March  4th 2013       Comprehending Peace.

March  5th 2013       Potato Darling.

March  6th 2013       Ratty.

March  7th 2013       Brutus.

March  8th 2013       Constraints of Narrative.

March  9th 2013       Chomsky.

March 10th 2013      Anno Domini.

March 11th 2013      Tsavo.

March 12th 2013      Polysyllabic Discourse.

March 13th 2013      Honey Dipper.

March 14th 2013      Undo.

March 15th 2013      Up Burst.

March 16th 2013      Feathers.

March 17th 2013      Bacchus, and the Baccalaureate.

March 18th 2013      Jesuits.

March 19th 2013      Invasive Species.

March 20th 2013      Another Fifty Thousand Words.

March 21st 2013      Old Farts.

March 22nd 2013    19 Fahrenheit.

March 23rd 3013    The Ebbing Pox

March 24th 2013     Mockingbird Woo.

March 25th 2013     Potato Kings of Wessex

March 26th 2013     Dunkirkian Transgression II

March 27th 2013     The Rabbit of Usk.

March 28th 2013     A Blessed Release.

March 29th 2013     Compost Pile.

March 30th 2013     Humility.

March 31st 2013     Springlish.



April 2013

April  1st 2013       The Weeping Prophet.

April  2nd 2013      Heaven and Hell.

April  3rd 2013       Lost Ward.

April  4th 2013       Grass.

April  5th 2013       Woody Perennials.

April  6th 2013       Gazelle.

April  7th 2013       Snurk Factor.

April  8th 2013       Luddite Heart.

April  9th 2013       Hoisted by a Petard.

April 10th 2013      Genetics.

April 11th 2013      Dance Phrases.

April 12th 2013      Rain Day.

April 13th 2013      Caramel Easter Egg.

April 14th 2013      A Spritely Resident.

April 13th 2013      Fallen Angel.

April 16th 2013      Diplomacy.

April 17th 2013      The Foot Slips.

April 18th 2013      Fear Ye Not.

April 19th 2013      Seasonal Change.

April 20th 2013      Twiddling with Wire.

April 21st 2013      Brightness.

April 22nd 2013     Dots.

April 23rd 2013     Elf's.

April 24th 2013     Good Rain.

April 25th 2013     Meaning.

April 26th 2013     Maypop.

April 27th 2013     Physics and Yellow Chats.

April 28th 2013     Induction.

April 29th 2013     Equal-ness.

April 30th 2013     "Asylum from the regard of others."


May 2013

May  1st 2013        About Face.

May  2nd 2013       Ice Cream.

May  3rd 2013       Copious.

May  4th 2013        Besotted Handmaiden.

May  5th 2013        Mountview Silt Loam.

May  6th 2013        Tanager.

May  7th 2013        Past, Present, Future.

May  8th 2013        Psychologically Stable

May  9th 2013        Llywelynville

May 10th 2013       Hummingbird.

May 11th 2013       The Existentialist Cause.

May 12th 2013       Gnatcatchers.

May 13th 2013       Weather Bulletin.

May 14th 2013       Conundrum.

May 15th 2013       Un-auspicious Reemergence

May 16th 2013       Odious to God

May 17th 2013       Barefoot Carmelites.

May 18th 2013       Squab.

May 19th 2013       Strawberry.

May 20th 2013       Nest.

May 21st 2013       Bean Thinning.

May 22nd 2013      Feet.

May 23rd 2013      Grass Pollen.

May 24th 2013       Froward.

May 25th 3013       Venerable Bede.

May 26th 2013       Bede's Heresy.

May 27th 2013       Strawberry Seduction.

May 28th 2013       Two Legged-ness

May 29th 2013       Rapture.

May 30th 2013       Tree Swallows.

May 31st 2013       Last Day of May.


June 2013

June  1st 2013       Grand Parenting. 

June  2nd 2013      Promession.

June  3rd 2013      Pests and Poxes.

June  4th 2013      Snap Peas.

June  5th 2013      Category II Invasive Species.

June  6th 2013      "D" Day.

June  7th 2013      Sooty Foot.

June  8th 2013      Mulberry.

June  9th 2013      Saint Teresa.

June 12th 2013     Upper Level Disturbance.

June 13th 2013     Happiness.

June 14th 2013     Dream World.

June 15th 2013     Dodder

June 16th 2013     Standing Stones.

June 19th 2013     Standing Stone II

June 22nd 2013    Summer Solstice 2013

June 23rd 2013    Telephone.

June 25th 2013     Finished.

June 26th 2013     Domestic Appliance.

June 27th 2013     Domestic Appliance II.

June 28th 2013     Domestic Appliance III

June 29th 2013     Blackberry.

June 30th 2013     Firefly and Mockingbird.


July 3013

July  1st 2013      Tic Borne

July  2nd 2013     Crows and Mockingbirds.

July  3rd 2013     The Outhouse.

July  4th 2013      Ponding

July  5th 2013      Old Germans

July  6th 2013      Epitaphs

July  7th 2013      Blackberry and Gallons

July  8th 2013      Distrust of Flocks.

July  9th 2013      June Rhee.

July 10th 2013     Puffling.

July 11th 2013     Weather Statement.

July 12th 2013     Decadence.

July 13th 2013     Seal Island Puffling.

July 14th 2013     Blackberry

July 16th 2013     The Body Past Perfect

July 17th 2013     Footwear.

July 18th 2013     Portliness.

July 19th 2013     Yellow Chat.

July 20th 2013     Yellow Chat Girls.

July 21st 2013     BAP09

July 22nd 2013    Pen-Y Fal.

July 25th 2013     Personal Exploration.

July 26th 2013     Personal Exploration 2.


August 2013

August  1st 2013     Plasma.

August  2nd 2013    Necktie as Defender.

August  2rd 2013    Jellied Eel.

August  4th 2013     Henry the First.

August  7th 2013     Extraneous Borders.

August  9th 2013     Tortoise.

August 10th 2013    Cactus Lizzie.

August 11th 2013    Bright as Ostrich.

August 12th 2013    Physicist's Cat.

August 13th 2013    Grasses.

August 15th 2013    Almost An Island.

August 17th 2013    The Vote and The Fryd

August 18th 2013    Offa and Alfred.

August 19th 2013    Specters and the Poor Will.

August 20th 2013    Velvet Ant.

August 24th 2013    Zoo Keeper.

August 25th 2013    Pitt The Younger.

August 26th 2013    Green Grass.

August 27th 2013    The Abwehr.

August 28th 2013    The Rabbit of Usk strikes again, thank God.

August 29th 2013    Two cups, three tablespoons.

August 30th 2013    Balm


September 2013

September  3rd 2013      Travelling with Apples.

September  9th 2013       Soul as Caged Bird.

September 11th 2013      The Siege of Sidney Street

September 12th 2013      September.

September 13th 2013      The Value of Curtains.

September 14th 2013      Sorrows of the Wicked.

September 15th 2013      Nail Guns.

September 16th 2013      Travelling with Basil.


October 2013

October  7th 2013          Travelling with Curled Finger.

October  8th 2013          Structure in Relationships.

October  9th 2013          Harmony in the Mockingbird Community.

October 11th 2013         Politicos.

October 12th 2013         Milky Way

October 13th 2013         The 'V' Word.

October 14th 2013         SOPs

October 15th 2013         Blue Jays.

October 16th 2013         Ducks.

October 17th 2013         Doing Nothing At All

October 18th 2013         Idiots

October 19th 2013         Utterances.

October 28th 2013         Scorpion Husbandry

October 29th 2013         Lady Bird Roosting

October 30th 2013         Conjoining.

October 31st 2013         Liverish.


November 2013 

November  1st 2013        Beak Envy

November  2nd 2013       Pursuit of Happiness

November 3rd 2013        Highway Code.

November  4th 2013       Structure

November  5th 2013       Ecumenic

November  6th 3013       Waxwings

November  7th 2013       Blue Jays.

November  8th 2013       Presentists.

November  9th 2013       Waving.

November 10th 2013      Lady Bird Dream State.

November 11th 2013      Ramarque, Sassoon, Owen and Gibson.

November 12th 2013      Limbic Noise.

November 13th 2013      Number.

November 14th 2013      Geometry And Space.

November 15th 2013      Gone a While

November 24th 2013      Marmet and White Sulpher Springs.

November 25th 2013      Threat to Humanity.

November 26th 2013      Marmite, Balaclava and Wooly Socks.

November 28th 2013      Marlowe's Faust.

November 29th 2013      Rambling

November 30th 2013      Twenty One Squares.


December 2013

December  1st 2013        Calvin's View

December  2nd 2013       Big Plastic Bag as Travelling Companion.

December  3rd 2013        Esau.

December  4th 2013        Rock Bottom  Creek.

December  7th 2013        Various Offences.

December 21st 2013       Solstice

December 22nd 2013      Neurotic Circling

December 23rd 2013      Northern Harrier

December 26th 2013       Entropy

December 27th 2013       Blow Up Snake

December 28th 2013       Piranha Filled Waters

December 29th 2013       Cruel and Unusual Punishment

December 30th 3013       A Single Axon.

December 31st 2013       Retrospective.