An English In Kentucky




















January 2014

January  1st 2014          Rampant Nescience

January  2nd 2014        Tufted Cedars.

January  3rd 2014         Dismal

January  4th 2014         Oh Dear.

January  5th 2014         Hexagonal

January  6th 2014         Colder Than Normal

January  7th 2014         PV

January  8th 2014         Structure

January  9th 2014         PWMQ Shift

January 10th 2014        WPM

January 11th 2014        C

January 16th 2014        Proton as Personality Type

January 17th 2014        Worts

January 18th 2014        The Sledgehammer Solution

January 19th 2014        The I word.

January 20th 2014        Fakir, Monk and Yogi.

January 21st 2014        Purring

January 22nd 2014       Moan

January 23rd 2014       Time of Earth.

January 24th 3014        Umph.

January 25th 2014        B equals Good

January 26th 2014        White Dove Tossing

January 27th 2014        Neurons

January 28th 2014        Detention

January 29th 2014        Dementia

January 30th 2014        Walking Stick

January 31st 2014        Choice



February 2014

February  1st 2014        God as Job Creator

February 2nd 2014        Punctuation and Food Listening.

February  3rd 2014        Lady Bird Angst.

February  4th 2014        Food Listening as Buzz-Kill

February  5th 2014        Record Keeping

February  6th 2014        Ugh.

February  7th 2014        Keyboard.

February  8th 2014        Rudolph Steiner.

February  9th 2014        Sluggards and Nut Eaters

February 10th 2014       Sunchokes

February 11th 2014       Half Longs

February 12th 2014       Potato.

February 13th 2014       Spinach.

February 14th 2014       Chard.

February 15th 2014       Privet Berries and Mocking Birds.

February 16th 2014       Dogfish and Lobotomy.

February 17th 2014       Boots, Lard and Distances.

February 18th 2014       Comments Section

February 19th 2014       The Internets.

February 21st 2014       Ants and Floatation Devices

February 22nd 2014      Fatwa And Stuff

February 23rd 2014      Bumping Off Primrose.

February 24th 2014      Gravel Paths and Edging.

February 25th 2014      Edging.

February 26th 2014      Proving the Existence of Evil

February 27th 2014      The Lurking Places of the Villages.

February 28th 2014      He Sitteth



March 2014 

March  1st 2014         Endocrine Disruptors

March  2nd 2014        Hanging Out

March  3rd 2014        The Olympian

March  4th 2014         Titans and Olympians

March  5th 2014         Paleolithic Bookshop Man

March  6th 2014         Stone Calendars

March  7th 2014         Trickle Down

March  8th 3014         Se Rediculiser

March  9th 2014         Squeaky Dolphin

March 10th 2014        I Can Understand That

March 11th 2014        Culture Jam

March 12th 2014        Prose as Resistance

March 13th 2014        An Act Detournement (1)

March 14th 2014        An Act Detournement (2)

March 15th 2014        An Act Detournement (3)

March 16th 2014        Un Acte Detournement (4)

March 17th 2014        An Act Detournement (5)

March 18th 2014        An Act Detournement (6)

March 19th 2014        An Act Detournement (7)

March 20th 2014        An Act Detournement (a moment with structure)

March 21st 2014        An Act Detournement (a moment with mothers)

March 22nd 2014       An Act Detournement (a moment with fathers)

March 23rd 2014       An Act Detournement (8)

March 24th 2014        An Act Detournement (9)

March 25th 2014        An Act Detournement (10)

March 26th 2014        An Act Detournement (11)

March 27th 2014        An Act Detournement (12)

March 28th 2014        An Act Detournement (13)

March 29th 2014        An Act Detournement (14)

March 30th 2014        An Act Detournement (15)

March 31st 2014        An Act Detournement (16)


April 2014

April  1st 2014          An Act Detournement (17)

April  2nd 2014         An Act Detournement (18)

April  3rd 2014         An Act Detournement (19)

April  4th 2014         An Act Detournement (20)

April  5th 2014         An Act Detournement (21)

April  6th 2014         Close Mockingbird Issues

April  7th 2014         Climate Change and Dentists.

April  8th 2014         A Comment on Walking Stewart's Name

April  9th 2014         God and Gender

April 10th 2014        Half Way Point

April 11th 2014        A Moment with Divinity

April 12th 2014        March

April 13th 2014        Retard

April 14th 2014        Rain

April 15th 2014        Chilly

April 17th 2014        Denial

April 18th 2014        Newspaper Comment Section

April 19th 2014        Book as Tombstone

April 20th 2014        Compost Cutlery

April 21st 2014        The Anonymous Correspondent

April 22nd 2014       Compost Piles

April 23rd 2014       Edging.

April 24th 2014       Blue Grey Gnatcatcher

April 25th 2014       Rain.

April 26th 2014       Revanchists

April 27th 2014       Popes and Saints

April 28th 2014       Quacks and Bleats

April 29th 2014       Rain

April 30th 2014       Longevity


May 2014

May  1st 2014          May-Day, May-Day

May  2nd 2014         Crow's Nest

May  3rd 2014         Lyari

May  4th 2014         Tomato Planting Day

May  5th 2014         Labels

May  6th 2014         Glamour

May  7th 2014         Strawberry Angst

May  8th 2014         Wholly Confident.

May  9th 2014         Three Sisters.

May 10th 2014        Beyond Edging

May 11th 2014        Ain-gell

May 12th 2014        Yellow Chats and Bunting

May 13th 2014        Chipping Sparrow Down

May 14th 2014        The Unnamed Gardener, Beyond Edging

May 15th 2014        Edging and Hats

May 16th 2014        Metes and Edging

May 17th 2014        De-tox

May 18th 2014        Misanthropic Justification

May 19th 2014        This and That

May 20th 2014        Ticks

May 21st 2014        The Eleventh Event

May 22nd 2014       Bandicoot.

May 23rd 2014       Thrashers

May 24th 2014        Thrashers and Mockingbirds.

May 25th 2014        Lizards

May 26th 2014        Perching Birds.

May 27th 2014        Quite

May 28th 2014        Orchards and Cowbirds

May 29th 2014        Prolix

May 30th 2014        Waqf.

May 31st 2014         Shoo



June 2014

June   1st 2014         Red Birds

June  2nd 2014        Waiting for Stinkbug

June  3rd 2014         Flying Carpets

June  4th 2014         Rain

June  5th 2014         Hanging Nests

June  6th 2014         D-Day

June  7th 2014         Wrists

June  8th 2014         Righteous Exchange

June  9th 2014         Preparing for Blackberry

June 10th 2014        Cucumber And Chard

June 11th 2014        Hiatus

June 16th 2014        Revanche

June 17th 2014        Summer

June 18th 2014        Zoroastrian tradition

June 19th 2014        Zuche

June 20th 2014        The Close Mockingbird

June 21st 2014        The Tilt

June 22nd 2014       Scat Anxiety

June 23rd 2014       Disrupt

June 24th 2014       Compost

June 25th 2014       Costs

June 26th 2014       Coprolites

June 27th 2014       Blackberry Picking Weather

June 28th 2014       Philopatric

June 29th 2014       Edging

June 30th 2014       Downy


July 2014

July  1st 2014         Toads

July 2nd 2014         Zoogleal Mat

July  4th 2014         Sweet Home

July  5th 2014         Beans

July  6th 2014         Uncle Eggplant

July  7th 2014         Tanagers

July  8th 2014         Thingstead

July  9th 2014         Keynesian Dilemma

July 10th 2014        Lord of the Dance

July 11th 2014        Lord of Duality

July 12th 2014        Feathered Serpent

July 13th 2014        Quail

July 14th 2014        Font

July 15th 2014        Foucault and Her Eggs.

July 16th 2014        Tilth

July 17th 2014        Worms

July 18th 2014        Night Singing

July 19th 2014        Agents of the Devil

July 20th 2014        Tomato Anxiety

July 21st 2014        Thrasher

July 22nd 2014       Rabbit of Usk

July 23rd 2014       Rabbit of Usk 69

July 24th 2014       Alfred's Time

July 25th 2014       Dams

July 26th 2014       Small Brownish Perching Birds

July 27th 2014       Canning

July 28th 2014       Hildegard and Teresa

July 29th 2014       Almost August

July 30th 2014       Ah Well

July 31st 2014       Canners and Tomato


August 2014

August  1st 2014         Luyken and Lutch-ien

August 2nd 2014        Old Men Beans

August  3rd 2014        The Young Foucault

August  4th 2014        August 4th

August  5th 2014        Quite Right Too.

August  6th 2014        Paleo Cultist.

August  7th 2014        Cardinals, Wrens and Velvet Ants.

August  8th 2014        Corncob

August  9th 2014        Syrup.

August 10th 2014       Moist.

August 11th 2014       Yea Though......

August 12th 2014       Semi-colons and Elections.

August 13th 2014       Compost Pile Naming.

August 14th 2014       Moon

August 15th 2014       Seven Word Sentence

August 16th 2014       Compost Pile Naming

August 17th 2014       Compost Pile Naming 2

August 18th 2014       The Fourth Letter of Seven Letters

August 19th 2014       The Word "His" in Compost Naming Sentences.

August 20th 2014       Number Five

August 21st 2014       Mockingbirds and Compost Naming Sentences.

August 22nd 2014      Me, Girl Names, Saint Teresa and Compost Piles

August 24th 2014       Turkey Vulture on Compost Pile Number Five

August 25th 2014       Turkey Vulture and The Compost Pile Naming Process

August 30th 2014       Elemental Essence, Groundhogs and Compost Pile Naming.

August 31st 2014       Inky, Pinky, Ponky.


September 2014

September  2nd 2014      Scary Compost Pile

September  3rd 2014       Neighborliness

September  4th 2014       Barred Owls, Crows and Compost Pile Naming.

September  5th 2014       Self Interviews and Compost Pile Sentences.

September  6th 2014       Compost Pile Names and a Moment of Clarity.

September  7th 2014       Propaganda and Genre

September  8th 2014       The Mono-Pedal

September  9th 2014       Genre.

September 10th 2014      Self Interview Questions

September 11th 2014      Social Nature of the Self Interview.

September 12th 2014      Clopping Around

September 13th 2014      Halibut's End Story

September 14th 2014      Propaganda

September 15th 2014      Radical Weather Forecasters

September 16th 2014      One Small Boy

September 17th 2014      A Division of Loyalty

September 18th 2014      A Referendum

September 19th 2014      A Little Outing

September 20th 2014      Words

September 21st 2014      Virga

September 22nd 2014    A Big Week.

September 23rd 2014     Scary Two

September 24th 2014     One Small Boy and The Early Christian Church

September 25th 2014     Mangold Wurzel

September 26th 2014     TGIF

September 27th 2014     Circles Suck

September 28th 2014     The Proverb

September 29th 2014     Proverbs Two

September 30th 2014     A Synopsis


October 2014

October  1st 2014        Bow Ties and Ice Cream.

October  2nd 2014       Laurels

October  3rd 2014       The Class Of

October  4th 2014        Milder Weather

October  5th 2014        Moon Flower

October  6th 2014        Real Time

October  7th 2014        Code Red

October  8th 2014        The Elgon Caldera

October  9th 2014        Rain Event

October 10th 2014       Titles

October 11th 2014       Night Talk

October 12th 2014       "Twonk" in English Usage

October 13th 2014       Telephone, Custom and Practice

October 14th 2014       Big Bit of Wood

October 15th 2014       Cats and Dogs

October 16th 2014       Claudette Pewdesduckle and Ogden Somebody

October 17th 2014       "Untitled"

October 18th 2014       Spodop

October 19th 2014       Ampleforth's Review

October 20th 2014       Coyote as Neighbor

October 21st 2014       Blob-like and Sluggardly

October 22nd 2014      The Weaver of the Elgon Caldera

October 23rd 2014       Weaver of Inclines

October 24th 2014       Over Half a Million to go

October 25th 2014       Electronic Interaction

October 26th 2014       Book Three

October 27th 2014       Birthday

October 28th 2014       The Misses Reid

October 29th 2014       Barred Owls

October 30th 2014       A Weaver of Inclines

October 31st 2014       Numbers


November 2014

November  1st 2014     A Weaver of Inclines and Pinterest

November  2nd 2014    The Shivering Naraka

November  3rd 2014     Bo-Peep Tunnel

November  4th 2014     Ladders

November  5th 2014     Tim Candler's Self Interviewer Speaks

November  6th 2014     Tags and Stuff

November  7th 2014     A Weaver of Inclines

November  8th 2014     Promotional Activity

November  9th 2014     Theater Theatre

November 10th2014     The Stairs

November 11th 2014    PWHAG

November 13th 2014    A Bunny Vacuum.

November 14th 2014    Candle

November 15th 2014    The Carnival of Winter

November 16th 2014    Winter Blooms

November 17th 2014    Anniversary

November 18th 2014    Exploring the Arc

November 19th 2014    A Wandering North

November 20th 2014    A Collection of Habits

November 22nd 2014   Sphinx/Pyramid Schism

November 23rd 2014   It's Good to Bite The Borg

November 24th 2014    The Green Sea

November 25th 2014    The Diaspora

November 26th 2014    MCCXXXV Sand Fest

November 27th 2014    A Small Blessing for the Otherwise Occupied

November 28th 2014    Title Angst

November 29th 2014    Like This On Facebook

November 30th 2014    General Theory


December 2014

December  1st 2014    A Weaver of Declines

December  2nd 2014   Apostrophes, An Exercise.

December  3rd 2014    Day One

December  4th 2104     Day Two

December  5th 2014     Day Three

December  6th 2014     UGHP

December  7th 2014     Redefining Day One

December  8th 2014     Discursive Prolix as Nictotine.

December  9th 2014     Allergy to Smoke Free Zone.

December 10th 2014   The Non-Smoking Tapestry

December 11th 2014    A Derailment

December 12th 2014    A Manifestation of Wrong Words

December 13th 2014    Why Socrates Chose Hemlock

December 14th 2014    Well Rounded

December 21st 2014    Prefect

December 25th 2014    Gifting

December 26th 2014    "I can fly, you can't" Irritating

December 27th 2014    A Moa is not a Giraffe

December 28th 2014    Cold Wet Rain

December 29th 2014    The Nightmare of Titles

December 30th 2014    Travel Preparations.

December 31st 2014     Last Day of Another Year