An English In Kentucky




















January 2015

January  1st 2015          Resolve

January  2nd 2015         Time Passeth

January  3rd 2015         Turkey as Weather Person

January  4th 2015          A Derailment

January  5th 2015          Book Four

January  6th 2015          Ennui of Names

January  7th 2015          Names

January  8th 2015          Cold

January 10th 2015         The Press

January 11th 2015         Richard Carlisle

January 12th 2015         A Derailment

January 13th 2015         A Derailment, Vehicle Descriptions

January 14th 2015         January 14th

January 15th 2015         Reflections on A Derailment

January 16th 2015         Notes for A Derailment

January 17th 2015         General Theory of A Derailment

January 18th 2015         Editing and Ice Cream

January 19th 2015         A Derailment

January 20th 2015        The Winter Foot

January 21st 2015         Titles.

January 22nd 2015        Four Small Holes

January 23rd 2015        Seasons Suck

January 24th 2015         Hoshu's Crocodile

January 25th 2015         Worm-hole Theory of History and Potato

January 26th 2015         Carol Singers in the Ear

January 27th 2015         Perfectly Normal

January 28th 2015         Mathurin

January 29th 2015         Spelling of a Name

January 30th 2015         Strange Vehicle

January 31st 2015         First Bird


February 2015

February  1st 2015        Birthdays as Feats of Memory

February  2nd 2015      The Gifting Imperative

February  3rd 2015       Gifting and Messaging

February  4th 2015       Eric Day

February  5th 2015       Eric's Nativity Scene

February  6th 2015       ENSAC (Eric's Nativity Scene Authenticity Committee)

February  7th 2015       List Making Birds

February  8th 2015      Top Ten List Writing Birds

February  9th 2015      Top Ten Sneakiest List Writing Birds

February 10th 2015     Mathurin on Career Guidance

February 11th 2015     The Sabean Genre and the Top Ten Don'ts

February 12th 2013     Lady of The Moon

February 13th 2013     Seneca The Younger

February 14th 2013     WG Grace Cup

February 15th 2015     Winter Storm Warning

February 16th 2015     Winter Storm Update

February 17th 2015     A Winter Wonderland

February 18th 2015     Path Clearing as Sedative

February 19th 2015     Rescheduling as Silver Lining

February 20th 2015     The Rabbit of Usk and Huxley

February 21st 2015     Nowcasting

February 22nd 2015    The PAU (Positive Attitude Update)

February 23rd 2015    Around Town

February 24th 2015     Threatening the Hero

February 25th 2015     Sentence Dissection

February 27th 2015     Baffin Island

February 28th 2015     Lambs, Lions and Turkey



March 2015

March  1st 2015        The Windral

March 2nd 2015        Vaguely Spring

March  3rd 2015        Next September

March  4th 2015        Jerome K Jerome and The Bull at Streatley

March  5th 2015        Ridgeways

March  6th 2015        Moon

March  7th 2015        Mathurin

March  8th 2015        Northward Bound

March  9th 2015        A Rescheduled Day

March 10th 2015       Home Sweet Home

March 11th 2013       Romper Wear.

March 12th 2015       Fist Sightings of Sheep

March 13th 2015      Creative Differences

March 14th 2015      Multi-tasking

March 15th 2015      Promotional Activities

March 16th 2014      Compost Piles and their Vulture

March 17th 2015      Raptors

March 18th 2015      Large Tussock Grasses

March 19th 2015      Oh Happy Day

March 20th 2015      Chapter Thirteen

March 21st 2015      The Outdoors

March 22nd 2015     Thou Canst Not

March 23rd 2015      Nesting

March 24th 2015      Potato

March 25th 2015      Naming of Parts

March 26th 2015      Potato Growing

March 27th 2015      Rampant Mysticism

March 28th 2015      Eden, Heaven and Hell

March 29th 2015      Edward Lear, The Dandelion and Wine.

March 30th 2015      Forsythia

March 31st 2015      Chapter Seventeen


April 2015

April  1st 2015        Sabeans, Schisms and April 1st

April  2nd 2015       Hotel and Catering

April  3rd 2015       Sphinx Sabeans

April  4th 2015        Mockingbirds and Thrashers

April  5th 2015        Forgiveness

April  6th 2015        A Model Employee Goes Bad

April  7th 2015        I do, I do.

April  8th 2015        Hero goes Rogue

April  9th 2015        Buffalo Rising

April 10th 2015       Mockingbirds and Thrashers

April 11th 2015       Potato Creeds

April 12th 2015       Potlatch

April 13th 2015       Running Dog

April 14th 2015       Naming of Parts

April 15th 2015       Potlatch

April 16th 2015       RFAGC.

April 17th 2015       What's Happening to the Moon

April 18th 2015       Potlatch Regret

April 19th 2015       Devil's Advocate

April 20th 2015       Blue Monday

April 21st 2015       The Other Self and I

April 22nd 2015      Patchy

April 23rd 2015      The Odd Nugget

April 24th 2015       Late Frost

April 25th 2015       Ready for Hail

April 26th 2015      Chapter Seventeen as Number Eleven

April 27th 2015      The Plotting of Monks and Lear

April 28th 2015      Tanager and Chat

April 29th 2015      Absent Friends

April 30th 2015      Asparagus as Dangerous Menace


May 2015

May  1st  2015       Food Sources and the Sabean Schism

May  2nd 2015       Red Norland Rising

May  3rd 2015       Hosepipe

May  4th 2015       TTSGLC

May  5th 2015       Impasse as Authentic

May  6th 2015       Obsessive

May  7th 2015       Phoebe

May  8th 2015       Chapter Seventeen RIP

May  9th 2015       Orioles and Weeding

May 10th 2015      Saints, Poets, Lice and Crocodiles.

May 11th 2015      Naming Of Toads

May 12th 2015      Sainthood as Career

May 13th 2015      The Society of Saint Timothy

May 14th 2015      Consonants as Relaxation Technique

May 15th 2015      "Parting of the Fog" Reenactment

May 16th 2015      Early Miracles

May 17th 2015      Strawberry Birds

May 18th 2015      Hoppy Bug, Eggplant and Leafy Spurge

May 19th 2015      Traffic Lights and Hoppy Bug

May 20th 2015      The Electric Supply

May 21st 2015      New Lenses

May 22nd 2015    Geriatric meets Two Year old

May 23rd 2015     Block Building.

May 24th 2015     Mickey Mouse

May 25th 2015     Facebook, Utube and Tics

May 26th 2015     Naming of Places

May 28th 2015     Eighty Eight Step March

May 29th 2015     Songs of The Windral

May 30th 2015     A Wandering Northward

May 31st 2015     Accuracy of Abdul's Earthly Voyage


June 2015

June  1st 2015      Social Media as Slime Mold

June  2nd 2015     A Golden City on the Hill

June  4th 2015      Rabbit, Chipmunk and Chess

June  7th 2015      Call it a Day

June  8th 2015      Komerad Dirge

June  9th 2015      Night Singing

June 10th 2015     Heat Factor as Experience

June 12th 2015     The Fatted Cow

June 13th 2015     Bring on the Borg

June 14th 2015     Sunday

June 15th 2015     Carrots

June 16th 2015     The Windral

June 17th 2015     Fluids and Stuff

June 22nd 2015    Stuff and Fluids

June 23rd 2015    Sir Arthur and The Windral

June 24th 2015     Book Six

June 25th 2015     Dates

June 26th 2015     2030 Mars Landing

June 27th 2015     Narrative as Quality

June 28th 2015     Fragrant Gardener

June 29th 2015     The Windral and Erika

June 30th 2015     Leap Second Day


July 2015

July  1st 2015      Silver Lining

July 2nd 2015      Darius and Xerxes

July 3rd 2015      The Next Leviathan

July  4th 2015      July 4th

July  5th 2015      Songs of The Windral

July  6th 2015      Languages of The Windral

July  7th 2015      Hot and Damp

July  8th 2015      This and That

July  9th 2015      The Windral and Summer Squash

July 10th 2015     Coin Tossing and Titles

July 11th 2015     Random Comments

July 12th 2015     A Windral Cover

July 13th 2015     Compost

July 14th 2015     Adaption

July 15th 2015     A win/win for Sanity

July 16th 2015     Juniper Berries

July 17th 2015     Rum Shop Logic

July 18th 2015     The Letlander

July 19th 2015     Giant Wasp

July 20th 2015     Tomato Issues

July 21st 2015     The Poached Egg Schism

July 22nd 2015    Albert Cromby RIP

July 23rd 2015    Conclusions and Cliffs

July 24th 2015    The Occult

July 25th 2015    The "EH" Summation

July 26th 2015    Darius, Xerxes, Hotel and Catering

July 27th 2015    Twitch Factor

July 28th 2015    Orcadians and Kafka

July 29th 2015    Monotony of Editing

July 30th 2015    Existential Issues

July 31st 2015    Diligence as Pain in Neck


August 2015

August  1st 2015      A Windral

August 2nd 2015      Number One on the Dung Beetle List

August  3rd 2015     Rough Morning

August  4th 2015     Bambi, White Ant and Trophy Hunting

August  5th 2015     Foucault Lizard

August  6th 2015     Autumnal

August  7th 2015     Book Five Point One

August  8th 2015     Book Five Point One

August  9th 2015     JB Tito

August 10th 2015    Pong

August 11th 2015    E-book

August 12th 2015    Book 5.1

August 13th 2015    Self Interview

August 14th 2015    Consummate

August 15th 2015    Hotel and Catering

August 16th 2015    Turkey Flight

August 17th 2015    The Letlander as Title

August 18th 2015    Tuesday

August 19th 2015    The Letlander and Edward Lear 

August 20th 2015    The Letlander as Book Five

August 21st 2015     A Moment in the Gymnasium

August 22nd 2015   Random Weather Forecasting

August 23rd 2015    Ennui and August

August 24th 2015    Behold the Man and I

August 25th 2015    A Te Deum

August 26th 2015    Chavery and Stuff

August 27th 2015    Turkey Youth

August 28th 2015    The Vestry of Monnow

August 29th 2015    Heroic Heroes and Hume

August 30th 2015    Rabbit

August 31st 2015    Sound, Voice and Places


September 2015

September  1st 2015       Filbert

September  2nd 2015     Turkey and Filbert

September 10th 2015     Vestry of Monnow

September 11th 2015     Trash Day

September 12th 2015     Almost 60%

September 13th 2015     Hiatus

September 14th 2015     Katydid

September 16th 2015     Decomposition

September 17th 2015     Authentic 2016

September 18th 2015     F-This Moments

September 19th 2015     Katydid Frost, Popes and Puns

September 20th 2015     Savior as Profession

September 21st 2015     The Letlander and Why

September 24th 2015     Thomas Hughes and Kingston Lisle

September 25th 2015     Thomas Hughes and Kingston Lisle II

September 26th 2015     Vestry of Monnow

September 27th 2015     Populist

September 28th 2015     A Disappointment

September 29th 2015     Rapture Day

September 30th 2015     Faith, Language and Income


October 2015

October  1st 2015        Guilt and Self Loathing

October 2nd 2015        October 1962

October 3rd 2015         RS Thomas

October  4th 2015        Ystwyth

October  5th 2015        Born Again

October  6th 2015        Rapture Day and Trade Deals

October  7th 2015        Sweet Potato

October  8th 2015        A Good Day Amongst the Sweet Potato

October  9th 2015        An Understanding of Saints and Politicians

October 10th 2015       Medieval Saints

October 11th 2015       Deadlines

October 12th 2015       Debate

October 13th 2015       Saint Chad and The Venerable Bede

October 14th 2015       Big Night

October 15th 2015       Why Saints

October 16th 2015       Skeeviness as Appearance

October 17th 2015       Hibernation, Squirrels and Skeeviness

October 18th 2015       October Traditions

October 19th 2015       In Hell with Titles

October 20th 2015       Indefinite Article as Demon

October 21st 2015       Election 2016 Webb

October 22nd 2015     Titles that Suck

October 23rd 2015      Mockingbird Theory

October 24th 2015      Election 2016 Chafee

October 25th 2015      Grackles and Ankle Tattoos

October 26th 2015      The Editor-in-Chief

October 27th 2015      Rapid Decline

October 28th 2015      Election 2016 and Diet

October 29th 2015      Debate

October 30th 2015      DST

October 31st 2015      November


November 2015

November  1st 2015      Room Tidy (we all know what that means)

November  2nd 2015     Election 2016 Debates as Free Stuff

November  3rd 2015     Election 2016 Lessig

November  4th 2015     An Understanding of Snake Handlers

November  5th 2015     An Anniversary 

November  6th 2015     Righty Tighty

November  7th 2015     The Letlander

November  8th 2015     Coyote

November  9th 2015     Mariology in The Rabbit of Usk

November 10th 2015    Synapse Day

November 12th 2015    Irony v Pedant

November 13th 2015    Vainglory

November 14th 2015    #meme

November 15th 2015    Saint Gastyn

November 16th 2015    Words and Too Late

November 17th 2015    Current Affairs and Afon-Bedd

November 18th 2015    Spacetime in The Rabbit of Usk

November 19th 2015    A Few Complaints

November 20th 2015    Election 2016 Bobby Jindal

November 21st 2015    Chance of Flurries

November 22nd 2015   Peer Review and The Singularity

November 23rd 2015   How You Doing

November 24th 2015   The Story Told

November 25th 2015   Asimov's Story and Shopping Carts

November 26th 2015   Conrad, Leaning Towers and Thanksgiving.

November 27th 2015   Black Friday

November 28th 2015   Fried Rice and Egg Day

November 29th 2015   Attitude

November 30th 2015   The Arrival


December 2015

December  4th 2015      Seasonal Traditions

December  5th 2015      Binary

December  6th 2015      Blue Jay

December  7th 2015      Umpires and Audience

December  8th 2015      Undo Buttons

December  9th 2015      Kafka, Hesse, The Psalms and I

December 10th 2015     Shaming

December 11th 2015     Pillories and Shaming

December 12th 2015     Festivent

December 13th 2015     The Great and the Good

December 15th 2015     FUAQ's

December 16th 2015     Insulting Kings

December 19th 2015     Alright Guys

December 20th 2015     Happy Endings

December 21st 2015     6.40 PM

December 22nd 2015    Impossible Dreams

December 23rd 2015     Lady Bird Activity

December 24th 2015     Creative License

December 25th 2015     0-6-0 and Grades

December 26th 2015     Plum Pudding Truce

December 27th 2015     Why the 25th?