An English In Kentucky



















 January 2016

January  2nd 2016       The First Saint Timothy and I

January  3rd 2016        Weather Issues

January  4th 2016         Resolve

January  5th 2016         The Grasshopper in Winter

January  6th 2016         Doors and Walls

January  7th 2016         Roofs

January  8th 2016         Afon-Bedd and Cane

January  9th 2016         Neanderthal and I

January 10th 2016        4% and Bogies

January 11th 2016        Cave Dwelling

January 12th 2016        Princes, Cattle and Kings

January 13th 2016        Scenery and Track People

January 14th 2016        Exorcism and Herbal Additions

January 15th 2016       OEM and Stuff

January 16th 2016       Foreign Travel

January 17th 2016       Rocks

January 18th 2016       Full Portent

January 19th 2016       Weather

January 20th 2016       Saint Barbara's Tunnel

January 21st 2016       Preparedness

January 22nd 2016      A Shivering Naraka

January 23rd 2016      Tree in Bloom?

January 24th 2016       Ugh

January 25th 2016       God and Mammon

January 26th 2016       Lunch

January 27th 2016       Fuller and My Birthday

January 28th 2016       GO and Sainthood

January 29th 2016       A Huge Relief

January 30th 2016       Saint Barbara

January 31st 2016       Technical Device



February 2016

February  1st 2016     Technical Device

February  2nd 2016a  Potlatch

February  3rd 2016    Olim Fuit Monarchorum

February  4th 2016     Saint Barbara's Tunnel

February  5th 2016     Creative Is.

February  6th 2016     Citizens and Subjects

February  7th 2016     Carolina Wrens

February  8th 2016     Calendar Issues

February  9th 2016     Election 1980 Something

February 10th 2016    Stormy Night   

February 11th 2016    Unified Theories

February 12th 2016    Woodland Owl

February 13th 2016    Categories

February 15th 2016    Spin Room

February 16th 2016    Squirrel with Nut

February 17th 2016    Determinants of Behavior

February 18th 2016    Tomislav Square

February 19th 2016    Mockingbirds

February 20th 2016    Caucus V Primary

February 21st 2016    South Carolina

February 22nd 2016   EU

February 23rd 2016    Milk Delivering

February 24th 2016    Mavericks, Rogues and the Ruling Class

February 25th 2016    Roof and Walls

February 26th 2016    A Home

February 27th 2016    The Chartists

February 28th 2016    Stuff

February 29th 2016    Leap Day


March 2016

March  2nd 2016       Dewi Sant

March  3rd 2016       The Mystery of The Rabbit's Feast day

March  4th 2016        Druids

March  5th 2016        Who Knows

March  6th 2016        A Traditional March

March  7th 2016        Trees and Stuff

March  8th 2016        Commons and Castles

March  9th 2016        Potato Angst

March 10th 2016       Language and Chickadees

March 11th 2016       Panders

March 12th 2016       Our Lady's Bird

March 13th 2016       Outrage

March 14th 2016       "12 equals 16"

March 15th 2016       The Foot

March 16th 2016        Saint Barbara Gossip

March 17th 2016       Potato or Tratinska Street

March 18th 2016       Potato

March 19th 2016       Mind, Body and Short Term Memory

March 20th 2016        Flowering Sunday

March 21st 2016       Forsythia

March 23rd 2016      Oddfellows in Saint Barbara

March 24th 2016       Tooth Fairy

March 25th 2016       The Better Maker

March 26th 2016       Election 2016 and The Nika Riots

March 27th 2016       Once More into The Breach

March 28th 2016       End of March

March 30th 2016       One Potato, March 29th


April 2016

April  1st 2016          Dove

April 2nd 2016          Frosts and Freezes

April 3rd 2016          Our Hero, Barbarians, Steam Trains, Motor Lodges and Frost

April  4th 2016          Non-List Writers Unite

April  5th 2016          Tarmac Road

April  6th 2016          Election 2016

April  7th 2016          Ions

April  8th 2016          Peaceable Kingdom

April  9th 2016          Hosta

April 10th 2016         Usage

April 12th 2016         Lilac Bloom and Lucifer

April 13th 2016         Saint Barbara's Summit

April 14th 2016         Hardening Off

April 15th 2016         Sparrow

April 18th 2016         Dangerous Blue

April 19th 2016         Tree Swallow and Bluebird

April 20th 2016         Uncle Cat

April 21st 2016         Tanager

April 22nd 2016        Nesting

April 23rd 2016        USA Republican Party

April 24th 2016        Neo-Liberalism and the Democratic Party

April 25th 2016        Sanders and the Democratic Party

April 26th 2016        Neo-Liberalism and Too Big to Fail

April 27th 2016        Prelude to Election 2012

April 28th 2016        Hello Donald Trump.

April 29th 2016        Politics, Theory, Hoppy Bug, TINA and I

April 30th 2016        Birds


May 2016

May  1st 2016       Vestry of Monnow

May  2nd 2016      Potato Rains and Toothaches

May  3rd 2016      The Holy Roman Empire and the EU

May  4th 2016       Accidental Immigrant

May  5th 2016       Cinco de Mayo

May  6th 2016       February 1970 Something

May  7th 2016       Varmints, Vets and Grass.

May  8th 2016       Chartists, Voles and Oddfellows

May  9th 2016       Potato Festival

May 10th 2016      The Cat

May 11th 2016      Eggplant and Other Stuff

May 12th 2016      Hayek, Kemp and Ryan

May 13th 2016      Tomato Angst

May 14th 2016      Psalm 15 and 3

May 15th 2016      Vainglory

May 16th 2016      Lenin, Saints, Sporting Events

May 17th 2016      Election 1964 and Girls

May 18th 2016      Touch, Slime Molds, Art and Compost Piles

May 19th 2016      Harmony

May 20th 2016      Behold the Man

May 21st 2016      Rand, Proudhon and The Anarchists

May 22nd 2016     Sorel, Best Sellers and Fascism.

May 23rd 2016     May

May 24th 2016      Beans

May 25th 2016      Human

May 26th 2016      Cats

May 27th 2016      A Glitch in the Final Arrangements

May 28th 2016      Cats, Education, Physics and Charm

May 29th 2016      Beans

May 31st 2016      Ants


June 2016

June  1st 2016       Day One

June 2nd 2016       The Good Example of Medieval Saints

June 3rd 2016        My Chair

June  4th 2016       Shandy, Svejk and Our Hero

June  5th 2016       Purring

June  6th 2016       D-Day

June  7th 2016       Fear of Loss

June  8th 2016       A Visit to the Vet

June  9th 2016       Potlatch is Good

June 10th 2016      Fathers' Day

June 11th 2016      Patronymics

June 12th 2016      Poached Egg Schism Glyph

June 13th 2016      Provenance or Arc Exploration

June 14th 2016      Blasphemy as Blessed Release

June 15th 2016      Advantage

June 16th 2016      Say Fifteen

June 17th 2016      Book Seven

June 18th 2016      Tomato and Nitrogen

June 19th 2016      Potato Harvest

June 20th 2016      Today

June 21st 2016       Paradigms

June 22nd 2016     Disgruntlement of Molars

June 23rd 2016     Pre-Referendum

June 24th 2016     Post-Referendum

June 26th 2016     Big Rabbit

June 28th 2016     Calm Acceptance

June 29th 2016     The Menace of Stinkbug

June 30th 2016     Parish


July 2016

July  1st 2016       Mother's Boys

July 2nd 2016       Dream Theory

July 3rd 2016       Shaman and Confucian

July  4th 2016      Interpretive Dance

July  5th 2016      Our hero's Disorder

July  6th 2016      Chilcot

July  7th 2016      Lead Bulls and Stuff

July  8th 2016      Man Bonding

July  9th 2016      Self Existent Wooly Mammoth Mode

July 10th 2016     Joy of Bean

July 11th 2016     Cathedrals of Learning

July 12th 2016     Chard

July 13th 2016     Borderlands

July 14th 2016     Saint Chad

July 15th 2016     Saint Timothy, The Sphinx of Naxos, God and the DNC

July 16th 2016     Label Wearer

July 17th 2016     Sunday Sophist

July 18th 2016     Help with the Beans 

July 19th 2016     Elijah and the GOP

July 20th 2016     Pokémon

July 21st 2016     Saint Dymphna, The Lilly of Eire.

July 22nd 2016   Saint Teresa and The Vestry of Monnow

July 23rd 2016   A Moment with Plants

July 24th 2016    Local Gossip

July 25th 2016    Wide Mouth Jar Lids

July 26th 2016    Green Beans

July 27th 2016    Who Knows

July 28th 2016    Retort of Steam Digester

July 29th 2016    Dark Cupboards and Shelving

July 30th 2016    Saints of Afon-Bedd

July 31st 2016    Stinkbugs and The End Times


August 2016

August  1st 2016     Timing

August 2nd 2016     Purpose, Courage and Walkie-Talkies

August  3rd 2016    Very Early August

August  4th 2016     Income and Capital

August  5th 2016     Cat Flap

August  6th 2016     Eggplant

August  7th 2016     Bacchus, Cromwell, False Gods etc.

August  8th 2016     Broiling

August  9th 2016     Peppers

August 10th 2016    Apple

August 12th 2016    A Curse upon Thee

August 13th 2016    Pressure Canning Lessons

August 15th 2016    Field Sparrow and Meadow Larks

August 16th 2016    Our Hero's Problem

August 19th 2016    Final Frontier

August 20th 2016    Attrition

August 21st 2016    Hegemony

August 22nd 2016   Early Rising

August 23rd 2016   Trouble at Bloom

August 24th 2016    Doctor T

August 25th 2016    The Pressure of Note Taking

August 26th 2016    Clutch

August 27th 2016    William Morris and The Individual

August 28th 2016    Growing Up

August 29th 2016    Canning Awareness

August 30th 2016    Vedast, Gastyn and Gaston

August 31st 2016    Sensitivities


September 2016

September  1st 2016      Compost

September 2nd 2016      Elgon Weather

September  3rd 2016     Crabtree

September  4th 2016      Long Distance

September  5th 2016      In Common

September  6th 2016      Success

September  7th 2016      Quarks and Leaks, a Unitary Theory

September  8th 2016      Psalm 23

September  9th 2016      Crabtree

September 10th 2016     Arrivals

September 11th 2016     Politics and Paint

September 12th 2016     An Authentic Outbreak.

September 13th 2016     Pepper and Okra

September 14th 2016     Hardware Products

September 15th 2016     Ecclesiastes

September 16th 2016     Cornfield

September 17th 2016     Fruit Fly

September 18th 2016     Unifying Theory of Being

September 19th 2016     Color

September 20th 2016     Crabtree's Stringbag

September 21st 2016     Winter Dreams

September 22nd 2016   Witch of Ithaca

September 23rd 2016    Ithaca and Isca

September 24th 2016    The Silures

September 25th 2016    Winter Prep

September 26th 2016    Dog Pole Loop

September 27th 2016    Sabean Genre

September 28th 2016    General Planning

September 29th 2016    Puerile Nationalism

September 30th 2016    Emotional Dependence


October 2016

October  1st 2016       Last Knell

October 2nd 2016       Politics of N Scale

October  3rd 2016      Sweet Potato

October  4th 2016       New Horizon

October  5th 2016       Druids, Witches and Wizards

October  6th 2016       Ancestors and the Dream World

October  7th 2016       Carnyx

October  8th 2016       Pick-up Truck

October  9th 2016       Henry VIII

October 10th 2016      Bed Removal

October 11th 2016      Rear Wheel Removal

October 12th 2016      Moral Dilemma.

October 13th 2016      Parts

October 14th 2016      Monastic Order

October 16th 2016      Donations

October 17th 2016      Auguries

October 18th 2016      Pick-Up Truck

October 19th 2016      Gasoline

October 20th 2016      Rakia and Zena

October 21st 2016      Candidates

October 22nd 2016    Winter Ground Cover

October 23rd 2016     Catus

October 24th 2016     English Language and Gender

October 25th 2016     Birthdays

October 26th 2016     Measurement

October 27th 2016     Blue Jay Season

October 28th 2016     General Election Days

October 29th 2016     Mars

October 30th 2016     Shovels and Stuff

October 31st 2016     Cortina


November 2016

November  1st 2016    Cortina as Vegetable Garden

November  3rd 2016   Cortana

November  4th 2016    Because

November  5th 2016    Three Foot and Eleven Thirty Five

November  6th 2016    Heroic Dilemmas

November  7th 2016    Polling Day

November  9th 2016    Two Years Later

November 10th 2016   Soul Saving Projects

November 11th 2016   Straight Lines

November 12th 2016   Cold Weather Work

November 13th 2016   Bare Foot and Opinionated

November 14th 2016   Saints, Tonsures and Our Hero

November 15th 2016   Posts

November 16th2016    Color Scheme

November 17th 2016   Frustrate

November 18th 2016   Simplifying Thanksgiving

November 19th 2016   Yellow and White

November 20th 2016   A Celebration

November 21st 2016   U-Boat Decision

November 22nd 2016  Flaps

November 23rd 2016  Outdoor Project

November 25th 2016   The 4-6-2 in Green Livery

November 26th 2016   Gateways

November 27th 2016   Feeder Wires

November 28th 2016   Feet and Stuff

November 29th 2016   La Belle France

November 30th 2016   Prescience, N Scale and Guillotines


December 2016

December  1st 2016      List Making

December  2nd 2016    Tank Engines

December  3rd 2016     Big Spider

December  4th 2016     Recent Sightings

December  5th 2016     Old School

December  6th 2016     Wet Rain

December  7th 2016     D's

December  8th 2016     Naming of Parts

December  9th 2016     Mockingbird

December 10th 2016    Very Cold Outside

December 11th 2016    Will

December 12th 2016    Bridges

December 13th 2016    Committee Decisions

December 14th 2016    Bulls

December 15th 2016    Carmelites

December 16th 2016    Chicken and Egg

December 17th 2016    Forecast

December 18th 2016    Naraka and Nirvana

December 19th 2016    Solstice

December 20th 2016    Winter Solstice

December 21st 2016    Edicts, Diets and Carmelites

December 22nd 2016   Festive Question Re-framed

December 23rd 2016   Festive Question Third Attempt

December 24th 2016   Happy Day

December 27th 2016   2017

December 28th 2016   Nash, Frankfurt School and Hope

December 29th 2016   Pink Flamingo, progress Report.

December 30th 2016   A Winter's Shovel

December 21st 2016   Why?