An English In Kentucky
































January 2019

January     1st 2019      Acting Primary Caregivers

January    3rd 2019      Black Holes and Root Vegetables

January    4th 2019      Crisis in N Scale

January    5th 2019      Full Confidence

January    6th 2019      Travelers

January    7th 2019      Insane Influences

January    8th 2019      Seasonal Complaints

January    9th 2019      A Positive Approach

January  10th 2019      A Butterfly Apology

January  12th 2019      Balsa Wood

January  13th 2019      Revulsion Against Time

January  14th 2019      The Boggle

January  15th 2019      Claws

January  16th 2019      Oh Gosh

January  17th 2019      A Final Straw

January  18th 2019      Moving Beyond

January  19th 2019      Bridge Building

January  20th 2019      Saint Mildrith for Example

January  21st 2019      Doing a Penrose on Chad

January 22nd 2019      Saint Chad's Relics

January  23rd 2019     Golden Calves

January  24th 2019      An End Itself

January  25th 2019      Decisions, Decisions

January  26th 2019      The Value of Myth

January  27th 2019      Reoccurrence

January  28th 2019      Saint Aelfwold out of the Running

January  29th 2019      Dewi's a Bridge

January  30th 2019      Dewi Sant

January  31st 2019      Offa and his Dyke

February 2019

February     1st 2019    A Wall in Libya

February    2nd 2019    Saint Odran

February    3rd 2019    A Deeply Flawed Person 

February    4th 2019    Domhnall of Ogilvy is a Bridge

February    5th 2019    Winifred-ness

February    6th 2019    Pundit

February    7th 2019    Tapping the Admiral

February    8th 2019    Winter Projects

February    9th 2019    Slang-Whanger

February  10th 2019    Withy Peelers, Delvers and Stuff

February  11th 2019    Homo Iratus

February  12th 2019    Sentence Making

February  13th 2019    The Mind

February  14th 2019    Mars and Venus

February  15th 2019    Current Events

February  16th 2019    Boujees, Proles and Spartacus

February  17th 2019    Spartacus and the G-Man

February  18th 2019    Ned Broy, G-Man

February  19th 2019    Current Events

February  20th 2019    Election Season

February  21st 2019    On Becoming a Mushroom

February 22nd 2019    Walking Stewart's Motion

February  23rd 2019    Saturn, Vomitoria and French Teachers

February  24th 2019    Tutor and Enfranchise

February  25th 2019    Quince and the Western Botanists

February  26th 2019    Seed Potato, Quince and the Wisdom of Solon

February  27th 2019    Foundations

February  28th 2019    Rabbits


March 2019

March   1st 2019       March 1st and Erich Fromm

March  2nd 2019       Motion and Change

March   3rd 2019       Knowledge, Fosbury, Khun and the Antipodes

March   4th 2019       Acting Primary Caregiver and Hannibal

March   5th 2019       Flowers, Fear, Freedom and The Future

March   6th 2019       Blue Jays, Biophilia and Critical Theory

March   7th 2019       Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments

March   8th 2019       Smith, Bentham, Mill, GDP and The Liberals

March   9th 2019       The Classic Liberals

March 10th 2019       Gateway to Dogma

March 11th 2019       Pyrrho The Skeptic

March 12th 2019       Pure Thoughts, Naked Philosophers and the Jainists

March 13th 2019       The Radiance of Use

March 14th 2019       Local Gossip

March 15th 2019       Knife Talk and Of the Woodlands

March 16th 2019       Language Making and Thinking

March 17th 2019       Potato, Mop Top and Soil

March 18th 2019       Nose Drip Mile Stone